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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
You spray your neck with one last bomba of perfume just as you hear the doorbell ring. It was your boyfriend, Soda, ready to pick you up for your date. “Come in!” You shout from your room. “Hey babe!” You hear Sodapop say from the kitchen. You fix your hair one last time in the mirror before stepping out into the living room. “Hey! Ready to go?” You ask. “W-whoa” He says as he stares at you in awe. You giggle. “You look so beautiful (Y/N).” “Thank you, handsome.” You say as you take his hand. You guys get into Sodas car and he begins to drive. “So, where are we going?” You ask.” He smirks and says “It’s a surprise.” He hands you a blindfold. You look at him dumbfounded. “Well go on, put it on!” You slip the blindfold on and wait another 10 minutos before he says “Ok, were here!” You attempt to open your door but Soda whips around the front of the car and does it for you. He wraps his arms around your waist to guide you to your destination. When he takes off your blindfold, you find yourself sa pamamagitan ng the waterfront, starring at a picnic mesa covered in candles and rose peddles. You two sit down to share one plate of pasta. You each put one side of a piece of spaghetti in your mouth and do lady and the tramp until you end up kissing. He stares into your eyes before hesitantly speaking “I-I l-love you, (Y/N)” He says. At first you’re caught off guard, but end up smiling as you say “I pag-ibig you too, Soda.” You lean over the mesa and give him another kiss.
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
You felt his hand hand on your knee.

“Babe, I’m trying to watch some Mickey Mouse.” You say, slightly annoyed.

He leans in, and whispers in your ear, “Are you nervous yet?”

You knew this game, and you weren’t going to give in.

So you didn’t answer, and just stared at the TV.

He inches his hand up a little. “How bout now?”

You just ignore him.

Another few inches. “Are you nervous yet ?” He was right starting to reach your thigh.

You change the channel just to ipakita you aren’t phased at all.

His hands goes up a little more. “Are you nervous yet?”

Still no response from...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Soda’s Perspective

“Daddy is this flour or sugar!”

“Daddy these are burnt!”

Faith was in her high chair, making a giant mess with the Cheerios, Logan was just eating the waffles, and Grace was attempting to mix the waffle batter.

This was not working.

I was trying to make (Y/N) breakfast in kama for Mother’s araw with the kids, but we were failing miserably.

(Y/N) walks into the kusina in her pajamas. As soon as she saw the mess we made, her eyes got wide.

I walk over to her. Grab her sa pamamagitan ng the waist and give her a quick kiss. “Ok go put clothes on, we’re going out for breakfast.” She smiles. “Happy Mother’s Day, babe.”
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007

You groan and turn over. You had the flu. You were really sore,tired, and cold. You thought nothing could make you feel better.

“Hey, (Y/N), you hungry?” Your boyfriend Soda asks from the doorway.

You shake your head. “I’m just cold.” You sniffle.

“Well that can be fixed.” He says smiling.

He gets onto the bed, and snuggles close to you, and puts all the blankets on tuktok of you.

“Soda, you’re gonna get sick and…”

“I don’t care… All I care about is you, and that you’re gonna feel better.”
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Darry and Dally looked at (Y/N) from the couch. She was talking with Soda on the front porch, smiling, laughing at what he said. They both thought you had a beautiful laugh, and that you were completely adorable.

Darry was jealous of Soda, he thought he could take better care of you, provide a better life.

Dally thought he could protect you more, and pag-ibig you better.

Their hearts both broke as Soda leaned down to halik you.

posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
All week you where waiting for soda to ask you to prom, which is tomorrow, and you have ibingiay up on the thought that he might. Just as you where about to leave for school you opened your door and on the stoop there was a single red rose and a note attached that's said, "go to the place where we spend most our time at -S." A smile tugged at your lips while you where on your way to the park, the place where you and Soda spent most your time together. As soon as you reached the park on the gate there was a not that read, "Go to the place where ducks waddle and isda swim - S." And with that, you...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
We were sitting on the curb at two in the morning outside of the store. The boys were having a smoke while y’all were playing poker.

“Damnit, its freezing.” Two-Bit says, rubbing his arms. You heard some crazy lady yelling and screaming aboout some sale, and he smiled.

“I bet Soda’s warm.” Steve chuckles.

“Shut up.” Soda blushes.

“It’s your fault we’re here, Soda.” Two-Bit grins. “If you didn’t have a huge, totally obvious crush-“

“I sinabi shut up.” His face gets even redder.

“I want to trade two cards in,” you say, handing them in.

Some lady came over, looking at you. She started yelling in your face about the scarf sale, her breath reeked of alcohol.

Two-Bits dying of laughter, but Soda pushes the lady away.

“You ok?” He asks.
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“So, you’re Soda’s girl?” From who you understand to be one of Tim Shepard’s gang members.

You nod, a little uncomfortable at how close he was to you.

“Where is the pretty boy now?” He asks.

“The bathroom.” You say shortly.

“Oh.” He says, pulling out a weed, lighting it. “So what’s he doin with a soc like you?”

“Well, I’m assuming he likes me.” You say.

“I can see why…” He leans in a little more. “Can I get you a drink?”

“No, I’m fine.” You say, a bit annoyed.

“You sure?” Taking a drag on his cigarette.

“Positive.” You fake smile.

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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Soda’s Perspective

“Daddy, do I look ok?” Grace asks. I put down my newspaper to look at my 15 taon old daughter. Wow.

“You look beautiful, sweetheart.” It pained me to see her going on her first date. But I was smiling.

“I’ll be good, Daddy, I promise.”

I grin. Exactly what her mother sinabi to her dad on our first date.

“I know.” I manage to say. “You’re a good kid.”

“Not like Faith,” Grace grins. Oh my Faith. Nine years old and already had a “boyfriend”. She was completely hilarious.

“Not like Faith.” I smile.

I get up off the sopa to give her a hug.

“I pag-ibig you Daddy.”

“Love you too, sweetheart.”

“You’re still going to be the first boy I fell in pag-ibig with.”
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“So, you remember everything I told you?” I ask her.

Y/N nods, looking excited.

“And you remember how I told you I throw a spiral?”

“Can I just be quarter back?” She bursts out.

“Uhh.. You sure you think you can do that?” I ask, not wanting her to get completely pummeled.

“I’m sure.”

“But I don’t want you I get hurt.”
I say.

“I won’t.” She smiles.

“You sure?”

“Positive.” She grins as she takes the football from my hand.

“Ok, out of the two person huddle.” Steve says, breaking us apart. “Soda, you QB?”

“Nah, Y/N is.”

Steve gives me the you-aren’t-serious-right...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“Soda, ok, you can come in now.” Ponyboy grinned. I was standing susunod to him, and he was susunod to Mickey Mouse.

With the money that I would have gone to college with, and with what Ponyboy had saved, we had bought Soda his horse.

Soda came in, in his plaid sando and jeans. His jaw dropped. Then he smile brighter than the sun.

He walked over to horse.

“Hey buddy,” he says, smiling, petting his nose.

“It took forever to get him to listen,” Ponyboy said.

“Yeah, I got myself and ornery pony.” Soda grins.

“You happy?” You ask Soda.

He just looks at you, smiles and nods his head.
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007

The cars zoomed by.

“This makes me so nervous.” you say.

“Why?” Soda asks, smiling.

“What if the cars blow up, and we die? Or what if they crash? Or-“

“Hey it’s going to be fine,” He interrupts you. “Have some popcorn.”

“But what if I’m eating papkorn and the cars blow up and we die?”

“Then I’ll blow up and die eating papkorn with the girl I love.”

And he kisses you on the lips.

“No… Lies.” Steve argues.

“I’m sure.” Soda says.

“It’s baking powder.”

“Baking Soda… I remember because of my name.” Soda says, rolling his eyes.

“Soda.. You are the handsome one in this friendship… And I am the sexy, smart one. I swear to you it’s baking powder.”

“Darry’s made tsokolate cake millions of times, I’m positive it’s baking soda.”



“Give me a good reason why it’s baking soda.” Steve rolls his eyes.

“Well… Ummm.”

“Baking soda is a pure sodium bicarbonate. When baking soda is combined with moisture and...
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