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Amy tells Shadow that she kissed Sonic the night before and also that Sonic loves Shadow and not her.
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it was a mid summer day.. the sun was shining. and it was really hot outside, here we meet sonic who is over at shadows house.

shadow: man.. why does it have to be so hot?

sonic: i have no you have any water?

shadow: sure..ill go get some.

shadow then goes into the kitchen.

shadow: oh sa pamamagitan ng the way theres a tagahanga running.. help yourself.

sonic: hmmmmm.

sonic: ahahahahahahhahhahahahaha{the tagahanga blows}

shadow: yep i knew it. i knew you would do that.

shadow: here.

sonic: thanks. {chugs down water}

sonic: ooww brain freeze.

shadow: uh.. you didnt have to chug it down that fast you know?

sonic: ow my...
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Me: uy people! Well, i decided i'm adding someone who you guys completely don't know!!!
Rouge: What do you mean? We know everyone in anything Sonic related!!
Sonic: Even the Nightopians...
Nights: Who is it? Tell us!
Me: One of my fancharacters... Not me, but-
Rouge: I think i know better not be-
Rouge: Oh fuck that!!! She's a stuck up, snooty damn bitc-
Me: Whatever, she's in, and you'll have to like her. I never sinabi that the whole thing had to be real. Besides, i need another hitch for the story.
Rouge: She's a complete whore!!!
Me: Going on...Besides, fans don't like her, i'll...
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Please read the first part first to understand the story!
(Sonic is wearing a dark grey t-shirt with jeans and Shadow is wearing a red sando with black jeans.)

The wolf's name was Jock, a suitable name for a grey wolf. He strolled in and waved at Sonic, who blushed at him. "Is this the guy?" Jock whispered to Shadow.
"Yeah. You know what to do." Shadow whispered back.
"Okay, Sonic, this is Jock." Shadow told Sonic.
"H-hi..." Sonic said. Jock replied with a smile.
"He's going us tonight." Shadow continued.
"Ah." Sonic nodded, understanding what's going to happen.
"Well, I don't want to...
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posted by sexyluna34
for the past buwan ..... i have been trying to get at least one boy to notice me... sadly no luck.

my name is sonic. im 17 and im at a studious prep school for boys.... none of the boys arent good... and the ones that really do catch my eye are the ones that already have boyfriends.....grrr dammit.... if only i had come in the late spring.... then everything would be perfect..... instead its cold and none of the guys notice me....well except one guy.. it all started in 3rd block:

i was staring at my book...trying to work on algebra{ try doing for 30 fucking mins straight.}

when i sensed someones...
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Recap: sonic was sad. Shadow proposed. Now we're about to get to the good stuff!!!!! So fangirls keep tissues nearby. This'll be a nose-bleedbath!

Sonic: (noticing the chains and condoms scattered about) this will definitely be fun! >:)
Shadow: I know first-hand
S: Sooooo....... how do we-
Sh: Like this
Shadow picks up Sonic and at light speed thrashes off his and Sonics clothes, and is on tuktok of him on his biggest bed
S: woah. Are you-
Shadow smothers him with his tounge and starts to feel him. Sonic feels his chest and almost passes out in comfort and warmth.
Sh: You ready for this Sonniku?...
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not mine found on youtube owner sonadowclub
Recap: Sonic was sad shadow blah blah blah i hate recaps. Let's see some SONADOW C-B

Sonic and shadow are running throughout the island

S: Aaaaaahhhhh... some nice, fast excersise for the day
Sh: I know something I'd like to do today
S: not now. l:( Me: :(
Sh: fine.
S: oh, don't give me that look.
Sh: (eyes getting bigger and prettier) pleeeeeaaaaase??????
S: sigh alright. Tonight
Sh: (making awesome face) YAY!
S: as promised. (Removes clothes and kisses Shadow
Sh: (removes clothes and shows out his dick)
S: 0-0 Shadow. Were you watching porn?
Sh: for you, you blue hurricane s:)
S: can't...
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Why do you hate it? People cant help being gay... Tak how would you like it if you were bi or gay and people made fun of you!!! You wouldnt like it now would you! so can ya'll sonadow haters and against gay, lesbian and bi people quit it for fucking sake!? I swear to god people are getting madami and madami races these days!!! And besides why do you hate it!!! its no madami than a couple!!! So what if their gay, it doesnt matter! Who gives a shit? ( tak does ) its still a couple. I understand its boy and boy and you would be like EWWWWWWWWWW but some people still think its a kick asno couple!!! (...
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