SONIC COUPLES OUT OF EVERY SONIC COUPLE KNOWN TO MAN KIND WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE!? (gay couples are allowed, tagahanga character couples are not)

Pick one:
Sonamy (~XxInfernoShadowxX)
Sonsal (~AzumiAngel)
Sonic X Mina (*cmara)
Sonic X Fiona (~i-got-skillz)
Sonadow (~LittoDitto)
Monkey Khan X Sally (*howlzapper)
Knuxouge (~Rilakkuma-kun)
Knuxsu (*kiss-the-thunder)
Knuxonia (~Knucxsonia)
Knuxade (~C8LIN-The-Hedgie)
Silvaze (~SilvAze)
Sonaze (~silvah-princess)
Sonouge (~Sonouge)
Tails X Rouge (~tailsxrougefanclub)
Taismo (~purplenova)
Tails X Mina (~JosieTheHedgehog)
Vector X Amy (*Tigerfog)
Scourge X Fiona (*Umbra-Flower)
Scourge X Alicia (*SamCyberCat)
Lara-Su X Argyle (~suraida-chan)
Knuxsal (*ZoomSwish)
Amy X Sally (*Vincintblaze)
Sally X Nicole (~AmrasFelagund)
Shadamy (~Mysteltain)
Ash X Mina (*SamCyberCat)
Shadouge (~kazooie64)
Tails X Fiona (~TORASUTO888)
Sally X Mina (*SamCyberCat)
Knuckles X Tikal (couldn't find an art pic of them)
Knuxamy (i just thought that one looked cute)
Sonuckles (~Middunaitu)
Shadow X Maria (*missyuna)
Tails X Cream (~Jdan-S)
Charmy X Saffron (couldn't find an art pic of them)
Charmy X Marine (~randomblabbermouth)
Charmy X Cream (~randomblabbermouth)
Shadow X Marine (~cuteandcuddly63)
Mighty X Honey (~Sony-Mae)
Antoine X Bunnie (*kiss-the-thunder)
Sally X Bunnie (~Massagraf)
Added by Sally_Fan
EspAmy (EspioXAmy LOL- FlandreScarletDevil Fangirl AKA VocaloidGirl12)
Shadally (LuxrayDP)
Added by LuxrayDP
Shadream (shadowX- cream) sorry no pic
Shadream (shadowXcream) sorry no pic
Added by lolipopop
Scrosy *scourge X rosy* and Mephourge*scourge X mephiles* (gyrothehedgehog)
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