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 Gift - Simy's Transformations
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I'm sorry I took so long, was very difficult because of the poses, this is your birthday present I made, still missed two transformations but I think it has no problem well,i hope u like it!! ^^ (no recolor,no base)Art sa pamamagitan ng Me!
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This Sonic tagahanga Characters litrato contains stained glass window. There might also be anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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It seems you've stumbled across this article. How pleasant for both of us. This artikulo here, should you choose to read it, shall take you through what I've found to be the most comment mental illnesses found in Sonic fancharacters and how you should portray them as to not come across as an uneducated retard.

Mental illness and psychology is something I've been putting the past few years of my life into studying during my spare time, as I am quite passionate about finding out how people, mentally, work, about what makes us us, and what the differences are in someone considered 'mentally ill.'...
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good FCs.
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Name: Rynk Hellborn

Age: (Currently) 17

Gender: Female

Species: Hybrid

Alignment: A sort of mix between Chaotic-Good and Lawful-Neutral

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Power(s)?: Rynk has a variety of abilities.

She has seven different forms to take advantage of. I know what you’re thinking, too overpowered. Don’t worry, this is something I’ve worked on for years.

~Banshee Mobian DNA (link)
When turning into this form Rynk is able to
>Use Sound abilities
>Ghost (become intangible)

~Acid Monster DNA (Nictrela) (This picture is old and not sa pamamagitan ng me link)
>Shoot acid from various pores in...
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Tervei Marlene Kage is a 16 taon old wolverine from Crescent Island. Tervei's father, Yurei, left her mother, Bukimina, her, and her brother, Skile. This developed into a hatred toward him. Tervei never communicated with anyone, and despised upbeat such as Sonic, Amy, Silver, even Drakero.
She spent most of her time in solitude, and in that solitude she taught herself how to use umbrakinesis. Most people fill bad for her and do whatever it take to make her smile, and/or happy, yet their attempts result into failure.

Most people avoid her because of her gloomy nature, but a certain nunal constantly bothers her, and attempts to ask her out on a petsa (if you don't know who I'm talking about it's Slash).

Tervei is very gloomy at times, but for the most part, she will open up to people and even smile.
She very similar to an goth girl,minus the wrist slitting .
 Slash beside his crush. Tervei not giving a crap.
Slash beside his crush. Tervei not giving a crap.