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name: luna the fox

age: 16

likes: scourge, amy,sonic, shadow,silver. magic. pizza, soda,beating up people, being badass, hanging out with scourge.bean the dynamite.

hates: mephiles, eggman, fiona, when people call her names. when pervs try to hit on her. nack the weasel.

powers: hammer{ looks like rosys hammer... but its purple and pink.

clothes: brown jumpsuit.

fur/eye color/ pupil: pupils: black. eyes: red. fur: purple.

fave song: sexyback.. justin timberlake.

backstory: luna was born in moebious.... she never knew much about herself..... ... all she ever did was beat the shit out of people who got in her way.... or annoyed the hell outta her... she left moebiuos to destroy mobius.... she tagged with scourge and his destructix.... she hates fiona.... but luna is scourges boyfriend......... for madami info...... there will be none...

catchprase: come on babe..... ill leave you choking on my dust.

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 What do they want...?
What do they want...?
Last sunday, me and my mga kaibigan Splash and Aqaudic went to our favorit restrant, Harp the cat's dinner, to selabrate Aqaudic's boyfriend Eroku the echidna's ten buwan aniversery being together. But sadly, Eroku had to work, but Aqaudic understood. When we got a table, I noticed Lillian and Jillian (Twin lilly pads) come in to the dinner. I hated those two so called "prankster", they can't tell the deference between a joke and an insalt. "... I'm going to tell the watress what we want sence she might take awhile!" I said, "Thanks Eva!" Splash thanked. But I was serious about that, I'm pretty...
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