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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, And Amy ran into town. They ran sa pamamagitan ng the restaurant. Sonic saw a full grown fox, comforting a little fox, Raven, and panther. Sonic Remembered the little girl Him and Tails met on the outskirts f the carnival. Natalie was her name .-
Sonic: Hello? Can I come in?
-Natalie looked up and saw Sonic and ran into the back room. so did her friends.-
Sonic: Oh no...he didn't come here did he?
Natalie's Mom: Who You? Your the only one who came in here and insulted my daughters cooking and her friends. I thought I told to leave.
Sonic: No it wasn't me! Give me time to explain.
Nat's Mom: I'm listening.
-Sonic told her the whole story about a clone Sonic going around telling people awful things and how he tricked his friends.-
Nat's Mom: So the Sonic that came in here and broke Natalie's heart...Wasn't you?
Sonic: yes. Were trying to find him, but I guess he also has my speed.
Nat's mom: I'll be right back.
-Nat's Mom walked into the back room and got Natalie and her friends. She explained about what happened and told them to give this Sonic a chance. They walked out and Sonic and his mga kaibigan were enjoying the chilidogs.-
Sonic: Nat, you fulfilled your promise. This IS the best chilidog I ever tasted!
Nat: Really? You like them?
Sonic: Like them? I pag-ibig them!
Nat: Wow! You hear that guys? he loves them!
Nikki: Cool!
Oliver: Sweet!
Nat's Mom: Don't forget these.
-Nat's Mom handed over the Sonic Team Capes.-
all three: Our Capes!
Sonic: Not too bad!
Nikki: Are you going to stop that evil Sonic?
Oliver: Of course he is! He has too, it's his job remember?
-Oliver's eyes turned back to normal. Tails noticed this.-
Tails: Your eyes...Oliver was it? They just changed color!
Oliver: Oh yeah they do that. When I get really sad or scared. When The Evil Sonic told us we would never be like him ever, I got really upset. We trained really hard to be as fast as you!
Sonic: You'll have to ipakita me sometime. I got an Evil Sonic to stop!
-Right at that moment you here a voice go over a megaphone.-
Eggman: Listen up people of Mobius. I, Dr. Eggman, Shall be your new world ruler! And with Sonic sa pamamagitan ng my side, I'll make sure this happens! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!
To Be Continued!
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posted by silveranime122
Back at home,Sonic and Shadow finally woke up from there knock out."Ugh,what happend?Where am I?" they both sinabi when they woke up."Your home.Shadow,did you set the tracking device before you guys got knocked out?" Tails asked."Ya,why?"Shadow replied."What happend out there?When we came we saw rocks all over the place."Knuckles asked. "Uh...we can't explain it...Um...Silver got mad because of Shadow and--"Shadow cut Sonic off "He didn't get mad at me!He was already mad." "Dude,you called him useless,that would get anybody mad." Sonic said."Well he WAS." Shadow said. "Enough!You to woke up 5...
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posted by silveranime122
Soon,Silver was all alone in the woods.He decited to stop sa pamamagitan ng a bunch of rocks in the woods.He thought*Why is this happing to ME?*."Oh,and how is my dark friend?"said a voice."Mephiles,what is happing to me..."Silver asked.Mephiles replied,"I turned you dark,so you can get back at your so-called friends"."Ya,but I don't want to KILL them...And how long will I be like this?"Silver asked."For the rest of your life."Mephiles replied."Why do i get so mad easy?And when I'm around people why do I have an eurge to either kill or hurt them?"Silver asked."Oh,your filled with so many qustions arn't you?What...
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