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 Rouges charm
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XD yesh indeed XD
rouge the bat
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This Sonic the Hedgehog litrato contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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Hedgehog runs, hedgehog runs. Why is he running? Nobody knows, all, except for the hedgehog who knows how to run. What do you say? That doesn't rhyme? Screw you all, I am the author, and I can make this hedgehog run. Look at him run, run, run. Isn't he cute? Isn't he adorable? Isn't those the same words? I don't care. As I said, I'm the may-akda and screw you all. Hedgehog runs,hedgehog runs. He goes mad, and starts running off. Where is he running? Where is he going? Nobody knows, all, except for the hedgehog that's running. All over the streets of New York City. Running everywhere that he pleases,...
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Authors Note: This is a sonic tagahanga fic so if you don't like sonic then go away!!!1

Hi, I'mBlack Blood-wing Darkness reyna of Death, but everyone just calls me Darkness.

I am a bat like my sister Rouge, except I'm a special type of bat. A vampire bat.

I have black hair, red and blue eyes (that turn all black and bleed when I'm mad), black make-up, black wings, deathly pale skin, white boots with red hearts on them and white gloves with red on the top.

Today (It was storming btw) I decided to meet my sister. Rouge doesn't like to talk about me much, I think it's because I'm too dark and evil or maybe...
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Well...let's see how Tails sees this. AnimatedJAmes cannot put the music in,so line it up with the original "The Fox" vid.
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Just some stories for fun. Numbered for convenience.

1. Shadow was late to Silver's latest huge party, as usual. He was speedy, but wanted to keep looking cool and edgy. So he was late. Mostly everything was average party chaos, but Sonic was lying unconscious near the manuntok bowl, with red splashed across his mouth and face. Tails was staring at him, when Shadow asked "What happened to him?" "Oh, Knuckles spiked the punch." "Then I don't think you should be drinking it." Shadow replied. Tails looked at his cup. "No, not like that. Knuckles punched Sonic with his spiked fists." Shadow thought...
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