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 Shadow Sonic Silver
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From Sonic Boom Season 1 episode 44 It wasn't me,it was the one-armed Hedgehog. Dr.Eggman tried to frame Sonic the Hedgehog for stealing his particle accelerator. And turn the towns people against Sonic.
metal sonic boom
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MARIA ROBOTNIK was a 12 taon old human
back 50 years nakaraan on the ark
but one araw gun come it change every thing
shadow was in a pod just been place sa pamamagitan ng
his friend no MARIA cry shadow
poor MARA add been shoot with her
grandfather shadow was sent to MOBUIES
not earth but in a cave in a pod
professor Gerald was in a pod susunod to MARIA
shadow was sent to earth in his pod
shads mm faker what blush shadow a sleep
in the puno I found something you got to see
said sonic sigh fine sinabi shadow
shads here sinabi sonic wen shadow made is ray
to the cave in sinabi there was 4 pods
sonic was in the pod shadow was...
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sonic was thinking for a while yes I use my new
form put first I put a note to tails with a copy of
the note I got with the pod I take a pic pf
future me once I am in my new form I take the
pod with me and I go train I don't no how
long I be gone all I ask vanilla to look after
tails for me oh for I forget I tail shadow tell me
what faker sinabi shadow as he chaos control
into sonic room shock looking sonic blush pink
looking at a future shadow
shadow raven dark doom the hedgehog king
alpha ultimate life form god
age 16/in HIGHT 6.0/hermaphrodite
black hot red quills like he add a bit...
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sa pamamagitan ng Annoying kahel
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