SFG- O_o
Cartman- What? WHAT?!?!?
Cartman- Did the audience vote that Kyle is gay?
Kyle- Oh my God... O.O
SFG- *shakes head* I...I don't think this tanong is going to be answered correctly sa pamamagitan ng you guys.
SFG- Who is your best friend?
Cartman-...Uh...Butters! Yes! Butters! he and I are best friends!
Stan- no you're not!
Butters- No not really dude.
Kyle- Mine is Stan and Kenny. ^^
Kenny-...mememe (Nope)
Stan- No, just Kenny and I are...Cartman, Kyle you liars! Admit it!
Cartman and Kyle- NO!
Cartman- Nothin'
Kyle- Yea nothing
SFG- ...Admit WHAT?
Stan- That Cartman and Kyle are best friends.
Kyle- We are not!
Cartman- Yea that's a weird friendship then.
SFG- So you are best buds? Or aren't you?
Kyle- NO!
SFG- You are?
Cartman- Hell no. We're just...just...
SFG- See? You are friends!
Kyle- *blushes* OMG! Cartman thinks i'm his bestie!
SFG- *gets up and hugs Cartman*
Cartman- SCORE!
SFG- *lets go of Cartman and hugs Kyle*
Kyle- ^^ Okay, Cartman and I are best buds. Will you halik me?
SFG- *looks blankly at him* No. *lets go*
Kyle- Damn...
Cartman- Hey, can we go back on pagkain questions?
SFG- *sighs* I don't know...Ask the director...
Cartman- uy uy DIRECTOR!!
Director- Oh God...
Kyle- Cartman, shut your big asno mouth!
Cartman- you're gonna eat those words!!
SFG and Director- *sighs* Sourrounded sa pamamagitan ng idiots...
SEE YA AT susunod SURVEY!!