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Opinion by chel1395 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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The boys of South Park: Stan, Kenny, Kyle and Cartman
I never truly understood why the utter lack of propriety shown on South Park was so hilarious, until I watched the Season Nine episode titled “Best mga kaibigan Forever.” For those unfamiliar with this particular episode, allow me to elucidate.

South Park revolves around four little boys, Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny, who all live in a small Colorado town. On this day, the always indelicate Cartman wakes his mother up bright and early so he can be the first in line to get the new Sony PSP. Unfortunately for Cartman, all the other kids in South Park got up bright and early too, so when he gets to the store, he is stuck at the back of an extremely long line. To add insult to injury, his friend, little Kenny, is at the front of the line, so Kenny gets a PSP and Cartman is left out in the cold. Kenny excels at the PSP game “Heaven and Hell,” until he is hit sa pamamagitan ng a truck and killed. Ironically, the truck driver was too busy playing his own PSP to notice where he was going. Kenny’s spirit rises up towards heaven. He is told sa pamamagitan ng St. Peter that everyone is so impressed with his gaming skills that God wants him to command the army of Heaven in a battle...
Opinion by Dominator posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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America has never been particularly comfortable with satire. A gentle poke at the powers that be is allowed, even encouraged — witness the success of good-natured softies like Jon Stewart or The Simpsons, nudging decency in the ribs and tipping a wink to the audience. But genuine, hard-hitting satire is frowned upon: somebody might really be offended, and nowhere in the Constitution does it allow for that. There’s no American equivalent of British figures like Peter Cook or Christopher Morris, authentic anti- establishment comics who nonetheless achieved mainstream success. Even so—called ‘dangerous’ American figures like Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor kept their comedy largely personal. Topics like religious extremism, sexual abuse, disability, and AIDS, tanong on the efficacy of democracy or America’s role in history and the world, these were never acceptable topics for comedy in any mainstream venue.

Until in 1997, an animated ipakita began that would eventually break all boundaries of accepted decency on television, and manage over the course of ten years to offend just about every living person on the globe, including me. There are moments of true...
Opinion by dilly53 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Twelve years nakaraan I sat at a mga kaibigan house, doing my best to stay awake. We were waiting for midnight, for the very first episode of South Park to air. I can still remember how excited I was, this ipakita was supposed to be funnier and madami vulgar than "Beavis and Butthead" or "Ren and Stimpy". Which at the time were considered to be the "bad cartoons" that kids would watch behind their parents back.

As everyone knows the first episode was about Cartman getting an anal probe. That was a big deal at the time. Parents freaked out about the show, kids were banned from wearing South Park merchandise from schools. I myself was suspended for wearing a t-shirt with a dead Kenny on it.

Over the susunod decade I was a loyal viewer of South Park. I loved the show, and I loved it for the intelligent humour that underlined each episode, not the poop and fart jokes or the swearing (although on occasion that stuff can be funny). The downside being that most of the other people my age who watched the show, didn't pick up on that humour.
Opinion by AWarnerS posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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May this be the last year for South Park?
EDIT: South Park has been renewed until Season 17 link

This artikulo was written to ipakita some hints seen sa pamamagitan ng observing South Park that this may be the last taon of the show. This artikulo was not written to make a point, or to prove anything or anyone right or wrong, so please don't take it that way. Thank you for listening.

With all of you worried about South Park possibly coming to an end, I have found some hints that that may be true. Personally, I like the ipakita a lot myself, and don't want it to get axed, but I'm worried myself it might because of what I've realized: (I will add madami as I notice any more)

Have you noticed:

1. They are revealing a lot of stuff about the characters and the show, like the boys' penis sizes [1], the City (Shitty) wok Guy's not actually being Chinese [2], and Sharon and Randy revealing not being happy together [3]. Shows often reveal a lot when they're on their last...
Fan fiction by soxfan89 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Eric:So You Guys Heard Of The Disney Princesses, Right?
Kyle:Yes, Cartman!
Eric:So Who's Your paborito And Why?
Stan:I Like Belle Because She's Smart And Very Pretty!
Kenny:*muffled* I Like hasmin Because She Only Wants To Fall For The Right Guy And Marry Him.
Clyde:Ariel Because She's A Good Swimmer And Is Really F***** Gorgeous!
Butters:I Like Sinderella Because She Always Wants To Meet Her Prince Charming. I Could Be Like That!
Eric:Trust Me Butters, No You Don't!
Token:I Think Tiana Is Just Awesome, She Never Lets Anyone Down And Is Such A Great Cook.
Tweek:Ah, Aurora Is Mine Because She Feels Wanted And Is Pretty Just Like Me.
Kyle:I See Where This Is Going!
Bridon:I pag-ibig Ariel Too. She's Got A Great pag-awit Voice And Has Beautiful Hair!
Craig:Cinderella Because She's A Hottie!
Jimmy:I Like S-S-Snow White Because She's Nice To A-A-Animals And Is Really S-S-Sweet.
Thad:I Think We Can All Agree With That!
Fan fiction by SouthParkSmart posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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“Come on! Come on!” I whined as I flipped through the shows on my TV. “Oh for the pag-ibig of God, how much longer!?”
    “Are you still waiting for the new South Park episodes?” asked my mom, entering my room.
    “Mom, you don’t understand! I’ve been waiting for the segundo half of season fourteen to come out for five months now,” I said. “Every araw time is slowing down. It’s like…waiting for Christmas…times a thousand.”
    “You’re just going to have to be patient until October sixth,” my mom told me as she pulled me away from the TV.
    “No! NOOOO!” I yelled.
    I couldn’t listen to what the teachers were talking about at school. All I could think about was South Park. I finally became exasperated, threw up my arms, and yelled, “I can’t take it anymore!” I then ran out of the classroom.
    I lay in kama that night, tossing and turning, watching the clock slowly change numbers. I looked at my calendar and saw October sixth marked so that I would never miss it. I went on to...
Opinion by Chibi-Chipette posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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10. Kenny McCormick
Kenny has madami to his character than just dying all the time, he's developed a personality now. He deserves to be in the tuktok 10 because he is very caring to his sister, Karen, sa pamamagitan ng using Mysterion to protect her from bullies, and got a job just so he could buy her a doll. I used to not care for him at all, but now he's one of my favorites.

9. Pete
Pete is the goth boy with the red hair. I see madami in him than just some faggy goth kid. If he had an episode to himself, it would be very deep and meaningful. He'll do crazy things to make sure things don't go overboard, like sneaking in the camp to save his friend Henrietta and stop the emos from taking over, or burning down Hot Topic to stop the vampires.

8. Bebe Stevens
Everyone thinks of Bebe as the dumb blonde stereotype of South Park, but she is actually shown to be smart. It requires lots of thinking to change all those spots to the ones she wanted in The List, and in Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society, she knew that she would have to work for what she wanted instead of having everything handed to her in life. She also has good leadership skills.
News by missdada15 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Season 16 - When? 

Season 16 is expected to air on Comedy Central on Wednesday, March 14 At 10:00 P.M. (2012)

So the ipakita is gonna go on?

Following the episode “You’re Getting Old”, the last episode in Season 15 before the mid-season break, rumors started to circulate that SP was about to be cancelled..

But don't worry-Season 16 is a GO!

Season 17..?

It is also sinabi that season 17 will air in 2013.

Season 20..?:D


Article by SilverFanGirl posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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SFG- So, guys. Now that you fought over cookies and muffins.
Cartman- Yes we have, Kyle...
Kyle- Shut up! You know you like cookies AND muffins!
SFG- Just, drop it! Alright?
Cartman- Whatever. *crossed arms over chest(if he even can)*
Kyle- So what's the topic this time?
SFG- If you all shut up and listen!
*All grow silent*
SFG- Now the survey tanong is... Pusa or Dogs?
Cartman- Totally dogs! Yes, dogs! Kyle will probably agree with me 'cause he knows I can kick his asno well!
Kyle- No you can't! You can't even manuntok a pillow!
Cartman- Can too!
SFG- SHUT THE HELL UP YOU TWO! Kyle, what do you answer for this survey? Pusa or dogs?
Kyle- Well, I do like dogs. But I pag-ibig Pusa better!
Butters- Oh God...
Kenny- Memememememe (This is going to end in a dog fight...)
SFG- Pusa and Aso fight to that, Kenny. Now, Cartman, why do you like dogs?
Cartman- Well you see, SilverFanGirl-
SFG- Oh please, call me Micks.
Fan fiction by kyle4life posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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As the four boys woke up they noticed something strange.Stan noticed Shelly wasnt there to call him a turd,Ike wasnt trying to wake up Kyle again,Cartmans mom wasnt there to make breakfast,and like Kenny gave a crap about anything his life was all ready screwed up!"MOM!""WHERE ARE MY WAFFELS AND CHEESY POOFS?!"Cartman found a note on the fridge."We have your mom held somewhere along with your cat""Oh Noooo!" Cartman read more."p.s. we took all your cheesy poofs!" " THOSE SON OF A BITCHES!!!" "THEY CANT BARGE IN HERE AND TAKE ALL OF MY CHEESY POOFS LIKE THAT!!!"I know!" "I bet it was Kyle who took all my cheesy poofs! Oh yeah and my mom and kitty!" As Cartman opened the door Stan,Kyle and Kenny were standing at the door. "Dude, have you seen our parents,Ike,and Shelly?"No Stan,Infact my mom and kitty were tooken away,and I believe it was Kyle who was put up to this!" "Shut your mouth fat ass!" "HEY! DONT CALL ME A FAT asno YOU FREAKING JEW!!!"(Kenny mumbles)"Like I give a damn about where my parents went!" So as the boys went on to paghahanap for there missing people all there classmates stood before them."Hey fellas where are our parents?""We dont know Butters." "Now leave us alone we...
List by SouthParkSmart posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Here are some reasons why I think South Park is great. Enjoy!

1. Matt and Trey do all the voices except the female characters and Token, Towelie, hoodless Kenny and guests.

2. It has never been cancelled since it premiered in 1997.

3. Matt and Trey, the creators of the show, also do voices, direct, often provide music, are in direct contact with the animators, and much more.

4. The average episode takes six days to make, before the Wednesday it airs. Exceptions to this would be the first episodes and ones that take longer to animate, like "Major Boobage".

5. A lot of the characters are based on real people. Stan is essentially Trey Parker, Kyle is Matt, and Butters is Eric Stough. Kenny is based on Trey's friend when he was growing up. Kenneth was poor, wore an kahel parka, and often didn't ipakita up to school. He and his mga kaibigan would joke that he died.

6. South Park was ground-breaking in 1997. Introducing then-controversial characters like Big Gay Al helped make them mainstream for TV. Now, the first season seems "tame".
List by founten posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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10.) You can see a screencap and instantly name the episode it's from.

9.) When watching a new episode you can tell which characters are voiced sa pamamagitan ng Matt and which are voiced sa pamamagitan ng Trey.

8.) you understand every word Kenny says.

7.) You own the movie on madami then one format

6.) You talk like Terrance and Phillip whenever you see a Canadian.

7.) you know Ike's birth name

6.) You know what "Time Warped" is.

5.) You have a youtube account filled with South Park videos, your user icon is your tagahanga made character and you are currantly a character in a tagahanga made South Park spin-off.

4.) You were so exited when you heard Sharon call Craigs mom Mrs. Tucker. (Craig finally got a last name!)

3.) You know the names of the backround characters better then Matt and Trey do.

2.) You've memorized every song off the movie and also Wendy's Fingerbang Audition song and Cartmans Minoraty song, among others.
Opinion by dragons0214 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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I have noticed that majority of people who have Kyle as their paborito character share something in common. Most of them have been persecuted for something about them, whether that be religion, physical or mental ability, etc. Kyle? He's always being made fun of for being jewish sa pamamagitan ng Carman. When people watch south park and witness them, there is a large portion thta can say" I've experienced Kyle's pain. i know what it feels like to be going through what he's going through." It's how relatable he can be . I know that I can relate to him. I've been persecuted for many things about me. In fact, Kyle has aught me how to deal with it, through the things that he does on the show. Matt Stone and Trey Parker deserve a good pat on the back. They've sucessfully created what can probably be easily called the most relatable character in cartoon history. Keep u[p the good work, guys.
Fan fiction by LilRabb posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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New starting...
As the morning kampanilya rang at South Park elementary - Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman dragged themselves to class.
“Urrrg! Another long asno day!” Complained Kyle.
“Dude! Tell me about it, lately these days have been getting longer and longer!” Agreed Stan.
There was a slight noise and a head nod from the boys to ipakita they all felt the same.
The boys got to class and slumped down into their seats. Last ones in, as always.
“Okay students settle down please.....(the talking continued) I sinabi shut up!” Mr. Garrison shouted!
The students hushed down, though a remaining whisper continued from the girls.
“ We have two new students here today, and I know you’re all very excited to see them! “ Mr. Garrison said- without much enthusiasm. “Please welcome, Thea and Mica...”
The class droned a slight hello whist the two girls walked into the room. One was wearing a deep purple jacket, with a fuchsia scarf, and jeans. Her hair was straight but quite messy, and was a dark shade of brown. Her sweepy fringe fell into her slightly blushing face. She flashed a quick smile and began to talk...
Article by CBFDFAN posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Lunch Time In School
Cartman:Mmmmmm! i pag-ibig chicken *Bites of piece of chicken skin*
Kyle:*Eating chicken*mmmm yes it is...*swallows*
Kenny:Mm mmmm!!!(So good!!!)
And A Chicken is sitting at the window watching them eating chicken.

School Ends
Cartman:Ahhh!!!! Need to shit need da SHIT!!
Stan:just go in that palumpong over there
Cartman:whew! thanks!
Cartman goes int bushes
Chicken Pops Up
Chicken:You must die!!!
Cartman:ummm not to be a buzz kill or anythin'...but can you see me craping?
Chicken:Oh....well take your time...Then DIE!!!!!!!!!!

2 hours later.....

Cartman:Whew! he's Gone!
Chicken pops up again
Cartman:ok,it's just a chicken so this will be eas-*gets kicked in the balls*
Fan fiction by soxfan89 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Kenny:*muffled* Let's Watch A Movie!
Stan:Yes, I Picked It "Beauty And The Beast".
Eric:I pag-ibig That Movie Too!
Clyde:You Wouldn't Know Anything About It, Cartman!
Butters:Mom, Dad They're ipinapakita "Beauty And The Beast" Tonight.
Chris:Really Butters? We'll Watch It With You.
Linda:Yes, Let's.
Wendy:Stan, I Would pag-ibig To Watch This Movie With You!
Stan:*blushes* Oh, Why You're Welcome To.
Craig:If I Could Sit Through A Whole Movie Without Puking, I Would Be Soooo Happy!
Pip:Beauty And The Beast Is A Wonderful Movie!
Tweek:Ah, I Need Some Coffee.
Token:There's An In-Room Coffee Maker, Tweek!
Jimmy:I pag-ibig This B-B-Bed. It's So C-C-Comofortable.
Kyle:Ike, Stop Jumping On The Bed.
Ike:But It's Fun!
Sheila:Ike, You Could Hurt Yourself Jumping Up And Down On The Bed!
Gerald:Ike, Stop That.
Bebe:Why Should I Share A kama With Red?
Red:Because Mr. Garrison Assigned Me To!
Fan fiction by soxfan89 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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(Everybody Boards The Plane)
Kyle:I Call The Window Seat.
Stan:I Get The Aisle Seat!
Kenny:*muffled* I Feel So Comfortable!
Wendy:Should I Sit susunod You, Stan?
Stan:Sure Wendy!
Butters:Mom, Dad We're Getting First Class!
Linda:That's Wonderful.
Chris:A Very Good Time To Talk To Us And Get The Most Out Of This Flight.
Craig:If I Could Switch Seats With Timmy, I Would Be Sooooo Happy!
Token:What Movie Are We Watching?
Tweek:Ah, I Can't Tell You!
Ike:I Can't Have Peanuts!
Kyle:That's OK, Ike. Maybe I Could Have Some Of Yours!
Red:Eric, Can You Trade Seats With Annie? She Asked Kenny But Kenny sinabi He Has UTI. Could You?
Eric:Fine, I'll Do It!
Clyde:So, How Did It Go?
Eric:Because Of You Clyde, I'm Have To Sit Here And Watch F***** Princess And The Frog.
Bebe:I Like Princess And The Frog, Good Movie!
Sharon:Princess And The Frog? I Took Stan And Shelly To See It. They Loved It!
Fan fiction by SouthParkSmart posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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The taon is 2010, and young Ariel cannot wait for the new South Park episodes to come out. Unable to cope with the wait any longer, Ariel decides to freeze herself for three weeks. But a freak avalanche makes Ariel impossible to find, and so she remains nagyelo for 500 years.

“Five hundred years in the future. This is terrible!” I cried, looking out a window at the foreign landscape in front of me.
    Schpeck then re-entered the room. “Ariel, we have some good news. We found an old South Park season fourteen DVD box set for you,” he said, holding the brightly colored box in his hand .
    “Really!?” I stood up, and jumped up and down. “YES! YES!”
    Just as I had it in my hands, the room started to shake. A ship blasted through the pader and people poured in, shooting at us.
    “Oh no! It’s the Unified Simpsons League! We’re at war with them!” someone shouted, and pulled me aside. The DVD box set slipped out of my hands. When I tried to go back and get it, I was just pulled back again.
Fan fiction by kawaiibecky128 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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[South Park Elementary. The kids arrive at the classroom and they all talk. Mr Garrison arrives]

Mr Garrison: Okay, class, take your seats. We have-

[the kids ignore him and they keep ralking]

Mr Garrison: I sinabi take your goddamn seats!!

[the kids stop talking and they sit down]

Mr Garrison: Alright. So as I was saying, we have a new student that will be joining in our class.

Cartman: What? New student?

Butters: Is it a boy?

Clyde: If it is, we can ipakita him how to throw rocks at people's trucks!

All boys: Yeah!

Mr Garrison: Okay! That's enough! Anyways, to answer your question, no. It's not a boy.

Cartman: Aw, what?

Kyle: I almost knew it.

Stan: Then is it a girl?

Mr Garrison: Well, apparently, yes. Now I want all of you to be nice to her. And if I hear one bad ulat from her, you're going to be in big tro Everyone.
Article by siarra1014 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Omg i pag-ibig south park i cry my eyes out with laughther it is so hilarious who ever made this ipakita should get a thumbs up he or she is awesome i like there new episodes. You should watch it. its really funny some people dont like it and say its to inapropiate but they need to let loose and get ahold of themselves.because this ipakita should be rewarded most funniest show. thumbs up if u pag-ibig this show. and im new on fanpop my friend sinabi its cool and lot of nice people - i dont believe her- i recomend u to watch this ok sorry for my typeing its kinda wrong i type way to fasts.
Fan fiction by ThreadbareSP posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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This is the third and final part of "Charlie," but the end of this just marks the end of the first "episode" of "The Charlie Arc."


Kyle, Stan, Ike, and Charlie are sitting on the floor in Kyle's room when Mrs. Broflovski (Sheila) knocks on the door and peeks in.

SHEILA: Kyle, sweetie, can I talk to you for a minute?

KYLE: Mo-om!

SHEILA: Now, Kyle!

They walk into the hall. Stan shrugs at Charlie. Ike crawls into her lap.

IKE: Kyle.

SHEILA: Kyle, I don't think I'm comfortable with you playing with your new friend.

KYLE: Why not?

SHEILA: Well, he's dirty and bruised… Did he get in a fight today?

KYLE: No. She came to school like that. And she's a girl, Mom.

SHEILA: Kyle, how many times have I told you to talk with me before you have a girl come to our house?

KYLE: Never. I don't think it's ever come up before.
Article by SilverFanGirl posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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SFG- O_o
Cartman- What? WHAT?!?!?
Cartman- Did the audience vote that Kyle is gay?
Kyle- Oh my God... O.O
SFG- *shakes head* I...I don't think this tanong is going to be answered correctly sa pamamagitan ng you guys.
SFG- Who is your best friend?
Cartman-...Uh...Butters! Yes! Butters! he and I are best friends!
Stan- no you're not!
Butters- No not really dude.
Kyle- Mine is Stan and Kenny. ^^
Kenny-...mememe (Nope)
Stan- No, just Kenny and I are...Cartman, Kyle you liars! Admit it!
Cartman and Kyle- NO!
Cartman- Nothin'
Kyle- Yea nothing
SFG- ...Admit WHAT?
Stan- That Cartman and Kyle are best friends.
Kyle- We are not!
Cartman- Yea that's a weird friendship then.
SFG- So you are best buds? Or aren't you?
Kyle- NO!
SFG- You are?
Cartman- Hell no. We're just...just...
SFG- See? You are friends!
List by pompeybabe posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Mrs. Landers was a health nut! She cooked pagkain in a wok!
Mr. Harris was her boyfriend and he had a great big
Cock-a-doodle-doodle! The rooster just won't quit!
And I don't want my breakfast, because it tastes like
Shih Tzus make good house pets! They're cuddly and sweet!
Monkeys aren't good to have 'cause they like to beat their
Meeting in the office, or meeting in the hall!
The boss, he wants to see you so you can suck his
Balzac was a writer! He lived with Allen Funt!
Mrs. Roberts didn't like him, but that's 'cause she's a
Contaminated water can really make you sick!
Your bladder gets infected and blood comes out your
Dictate what I'm saying, 'cause it will bring you luck
And if you all don't like it, I don't give a flying ****!"

Article by SilverFanGirl posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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SilverFanGirl: uy fans of South Park, I'm here with everyone from South Park. Now, I have a tanong for you guys.
Cartman: Yes...
SFG(SilverFanGirl): Its for all of you.
Cartman: okay...
Stan: -_-
SFG: Muffins or...
Cartman: Spit it out ur Goddamn mouth already!!
SFG: Or Cookies?
Stan: I saw muffins.
Cartman: No you ass-hole, Muffins!
Kenny: mememememe (I have a bad feeling about this...)
SFG: Oh....
Stan: Shut your fucking mouth Cartman! You know cookies beat Muffins any damn day!
Cartman: I'm gonna kick your ass!
Stan: Is that a bet?
SFG: Guys, guys, chill!
Cartman: No! *points at SFG* Shut your damn mouth now...
SFG: Are you third graders?
Stan: Fuck you, Cartman! Shove this Cookie down your fucking throat! *holds up a cookie*
Cartman: Shove this damn muffin down your fucking throat!
Both: *shoves Cookie/Muffin down throat*
Both: Fuck!
Article by 203177 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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South Park is ipinapakita its age in very strange ways lately. Matt Stone and Trey Parker's latest foray in continuity, a three-part episode following Cartman's super team Coon and mga kaibigan and their battle against Cthulhu, an immortal monster originally created sa pamamagitan ng horror may-akda H.P. Lovecraft who in kamakailan years has become something of an in-joke on the Internet, devolves into gibberish.

Although, once the first episode of three gets underway everything gets really confusing and pretty much loses its focus and becomes a huge steaming pile of weird references and plotlines that don't go anywhere.

Over the last couple seasons South Park has become a very strange alternating mess, switching between really genius episodes like "Eat, Pray, Queef," "Medicinal Fried Chicken," and recently "It's a Jersey Thing." But then they put out episodes like "You Have 0 Friends" or "Pee."

The point is it might be time to start saying goodbye to America's paborito town of cartoon cut-outs that aren't actually cut out and really just digitally made to look that way. The most kamakailan contract signed sa pamamagitan ng Stone and Parker have them on until 2011, but it's hard to see them...