BBC Tourchwood homepage
I'm bored and just in case you didn't already know (if that's the case then where ave you been?!?) But James Marsters is going to be in Torchwood (the BBC Dr Who spin off. From the adverts I have seen he has an English ascent again. It looks like he is playing 'rogue Time Agent Captain John Hart' who Captain Jack knows.
He is even on the Torchwood tahanan page. 'Torchwood creator and executive producer Russell T Davies said: "The sparks fly for Captain Jack when Captain John hits town. There is a lot of history between them. It could go either way!"' (From the BBC Torchwood website)
So I'm guessing that his role in this is going to be a bit different from Spike. There's still some fighting sa pamamagitan ng the looks of it but the halik guys thing, that's new. (all sounds well worth watching!)

I seriously can not wait. Very excited Not only do we have Supernatural starting soon but James Marsters is back.

If you want madami info then the website is easy and the halik scene video link

Hope you watch and enjoy I know I will.
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