Okay so actually I heard a song named 'Right where I Belong' sa pamamagitan ng Wendy Wagner. & I was wondering that it's perfect for chihiro to sing after leaving the Spirit world! Imagine her pag-awit this..

♫ Sometimes when night has come
the river sings a song... ♫

♫ In my Dreams it seems to lead me
Right where I belong... ♫

♫ Wondering everywhere
each way I turn is wrong ♫

♫ Now Im wishing I could be there
Right where I belong ♫

♪ Smiles that have warmed me
Arms that have held me ♪

♪ Is all a part of who I am ♪

♪ Its never easy leaving your mga kaibigan behind ♪

♪ Someplace was meant for me
and thats what keeps me strong ♪ .....

♫ Now Im wishing...
I could be there ♪

♫ Right where I Belong...♪