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 Crying about the mga sirena together
Crying about the mermaids together
A wonderful morning in Bikini Bottom. "dahyayaya!" Laughed SpongeBob. While he was busy laughing, a moving truck passed by. "Look Gary! Some people are moving in! The truck stopped at a new house susunod to Patrick's. Spongebob ran to the house to great the people. The only 2 people who came out were a mermaid girl and a snail. "Hi! I'm SpongeBob! I live 2 blocks away and have a pet suso named Gary! Visit me any time!" Bloated Spongebob. "Hi SpongeBob! My name is Anna. I moved here cause my boyfriend did a week ago." sinabi the mermaid. "I'll tell you when I see him!" sinabi SpongeBob skipping away...
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Spongebob:*yawn* good morning Gary!
Gary:Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow (Can i just have my food?)
Spongebob:Ok Gary! *gets out Gary's Bowl and pours suso food*
Patrick:*crashes through spongebob's wall* SPONGEBOB!!
Patrick:MY PARENTS WANT ME TO ilipat BACK IN!!!!
Gary:MEOW MEOW!!! (SHUT UP!!!)
Spongebob:Patrick! you can't go! who will take me to the susunod Jellyfish Expo? *shows SB and P at the Jellyfish Expo
Arjin:What Happened?
Patrick:My parents want me to ilipat back in!
Arjin:Then who will i date? i don't wanna petsa some...
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