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This is an animated cartoon of Stampy's awesome episode Sinking Feeling
sinking feeling
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 Stampy picture (if needed)
Stampy picture (if needed)
How to build a statue of Stampy

1. Build up 2 blocks with white wool for sides of feet. (paws)

2. Build across 8 blocks with white wool for tuktok of feet. (paws)

(so 2 up sa pamamagitan ng 8 across for paws with white wool)

3. Using kahel wool, go up from tuktok of paws 12 blocks.

4. from tuktok of those 12 blocks, go across 8 with orange.

(so 12 up sa pamamagitan ng 8 across for legs, with a bit of white wool for belly)

5. For the belly, do 10 blocks up and 8 blocks wide with white wool.

6. shape out the tuft of furr on belly and fill in with white wool.

(so 10 up and 8 across for the belly.)

7. Go four blocks out with kahel wool from...
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I'm not going to upload every video of this series, I just thought I started posting madami than just Minecraft stuff. Here's episode one, If you like it, you can watch the rest of the series at YouTube.