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segundo episode of third season of bumagay is ‘I Want You to Want Me’. The episode is premiered on 23 July, 2013. The episode follows the plotline, where Mike gets a life changing case from Louis. The case is complicated but it can change the whole career of Mike. On the other side, Jessica and Harvey are working as a team in order to let an old nemesis down. Will they be able to solve the case? Well, watch the episode and get the answer. For madami info visit link
posted by dfdslkjd
When bumagay season 2 came out you have no idea how excited I was and I still am. It's just that after watching the first two episodes I realized that it doesn't really seem like a Legal Drama any more. Is it just me or is bumagay starting to seem like a Mafia show. For example in Episode 2: The Choice there seem to be some odd mafiaish lines. The line "Is that a threat" seems to be sinabi over and over again so does "this is war". The plot seems to be getting mixed up, maybe they forgot their genre? To be honest I much prefer Season 1 although I must admit the jokes and dialogue remain just as stellar as ever, you can never go wrong with movie quotes. I seem to be having a tagahanga girl crisis but that doesn't mean I won't continue watching Suits. Does anyone feel the same? It'd be nice to know if anyone is in the same boat. :D