Super Junior Sones Is Too Much ! And How Can Snsd Let It Be ? ? ?

han-je-ah posted on May 06, 2010 at 09:36AM
Sun 02 May 2010, 7:13 am by queenbee
Just how bad is the current fan war regarding the Dream Concert seating?

As with the previous news STAND has posted, Dream Concert 2010 started off with an uproar when SNSD fans decided to make a “project” of acquiring seats which have already been designated to another artist. The previous article you can read HERE

A lot of reactions from internationals have come out regarding the actions of Sones, mostly against SNSD and its fan base. Sones tried to do damage control by giving out statements such as this one:


This is all taken from the mouth of an international Sone who “claims” to have connections in the k-pop world.

According to the quote above, NO ONE is against Korean Sones but EVERYONE is bashing Korean E.L.F. about this incident. How reliable is this information? How reliable is this international Sone?

We here at STAND gather facts and evidences; present it with real sources; and then after everything has been collected, that is the only time we give our views regarding the matter at hand… and not just base everything on hearsay

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This is the official seating chart as released by Dream Concert organizers days prior to ticket sales. As with the past couple of years, Dream Concert seats were divided into sections of fandoms, not because they should only cheer for their own idols, but for each fandom to show a united front in cheering for their respective idols and...

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DREAM CONCERT 2010 - Starting as Chaos
Sat 24 Apr 2010, 6:09 am by leexiao
The DREAM CONCERT is near, and another fanwar is taking place...

SNSD is said to be taking 3 sections for the concert while Super Junior is taking 3 TIMES more than that, and that's where the issue began.

SONES are angry saying that Suju (ELF to be exact) got more seats than them when they are (according to them) the bigger fan club.

This is where it gets ugly. ELF fansites just suggested that SONES should just fill the "free seating area" (yes there is one) but SONES don't want to listen and SNSD fansites united for this:

Rough translation:

LMNP section - if extra space is needed this year, this area is ours

For those who are Sone:
ABC section is ours

Please get tickets from the LMNP section

Go to G-market's Dream Concert webpage
tickets will be sold starting 7PM on April 22

(for every 1 person, recommend this to 2 more)

SNSD fansites actually spread that banner about taking the reserved seats from Suju fans...

According to sources, ELF are starting to flood different fansites with messages such as this:

After this, E.L.F. went very mad, because basically Sone are looking down on them as if there was not many ELF at all, and why take -their- seats when there are many others....

Yesterday, Sone fansite masters decided to remove those notice and ask fellow Sones to give up the tickets they got in the Suju sections and to buy in Soshi sections and in the "Free" section (there are sections for all the other groups that do not have special ones

But it seems that Sones are not following the new directives and are keeping their tickets in ELF Sections. ELF are getting quite mad as you can see on sj-market splashpage where they ask fans to concentrate on reserving seats in the L, M, N, P section to prove Sones wrong.
A lot of ELF that did not plan to go are now buying their tickets.

News sites have also gotten hold of Sones' dirty plan.

“SNSD only gets 3 sections? We’re more popular … Why do we have less number of seats than Super Junior fans?”

A month before the 2010 Dream Concert is to be held on May 22, tensions are already rising.

At the Dream Concert, many popular artists come to the same venue and perform, making it unique. Since it only comes once a year, this is seen as an opportunity for fans to give their favorite singers strength, becoming one. On April 22, tickets went on sale at 7PM and were sold out within one hour, as a result of fans who wanted to go support their favorite singers.

Instead, problems ar...

Super Junior No ang sumagot