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(Standing on the bangka pier was a watch-a-machalet with a weird hat, who goes sa pamamagitan ng the name of MC Ballyhoo)

Ballyhoo: Welcome, one and all to the kabute Kingdom Campsite called Camp Mushroom. I am your host, MC Ballyhoo, and what a ipakita we have for you tonight.

(The scene changes to the bonfire ceremony, that has 11 logs for the campers to sit on.)

Ballyhoo: So here's the deal. Twenty-Two Mario characters will be staying here for eight weeks. Alot of them are real Mario characters, but a few of them are newcomers. Anyways, each three days, one camper will be eliminated, as long as they don't have...
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Name: Admiral Bobbery
Gender: Male
Birthday: 06/10/1940 (Age 70)
Address: Third House East of Rougeport Plaza
City: kabute Kingdom
Zip Code: 00-912555 (Mario Universe Only)
Occupation: Sailor/Pirate
Languages: English and British

Many years nakaraan prior to Paper Mario's segundo adventure, Bobbery was infatuated with a Bob-omb named Scarlette. He loved her madly and proudly. Bobbery was a renowned sailor, and spent most of his time traveling around the sea. Scarlette always waited patiently for his return. However, on an particularly icy winter, Scarlette fell ill (the case was unknown, though it quickly...
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(Back at the lounge, the Goombas were over-joying their victory, as the Koopas were thinking on who should be sent home.)

Mowz: This is lame. What should we do now?

Gombella: We need to figure out on who to vote off.

Wario: I think it should be the wussy goomba, or the big ape.

Gombella: WAIT! How come?

Wario: Because you both didn't even jump off the cliff. Though we need a bit of strength on our team, so i'll fancy the odds with the big ape.

Gombella: But i want to stay!

Birdo: Then who do you want to vote off?

Gombella: What about him? (Points at Bowser Jr)

Bowser: NO!

(Everybody hears Bowser)

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A puff of steam. Soft and silver steam. Pearly. Then, among the thick fog, a well-known and beloved figure:Princess Peach. Only she didn't emanated the familiar fruity scent, around her didn't hover an aura of benevolence, you could not feel the tenderness of her being.On the contrary, a scent of wild mga rosas and berries, a look completely devoid of warmth, cold as a stalactite of ice. And a hard expression, frowning, as offended sa pamamagitan ng something great, beyond any disappointment.
The King of the Koopa skipped sa pamamagitan ng leaps and bounds, in that suspended atmosphere so glacial and gloomy. His body, however,...
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Previously on Super Mario Stories: Iggy placed his glasses on a toad and is making a run for it! will Mario & Luigi put a stop to this nonsense?

Mario was standing right beside Iggy, Iggy had an idea, he whispered it to the toad. "You got it Iggy!" sinabi the toad. The toad started running, it built up speed and then ran into Mario! "Ow how hoo how!" Mario ran in circles in pain. "What was that Luigi? "I a don't know Ma... ahhh! over there!" Luigi spotted Iggy creeping into Donut Plains toward Bowser's Castle. "Uh oh time to run!" Iggy started to run, placing glasses on every living thing...
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 Iggy Koopa
Iggy Koopa
Previously On Super Mario Stories: Mario & Luigi went off to the Toad Bazaar to buy madami sugar for Peach's cake. Iggy and Kamek heard someone coming through the hallway door...

"What did you do this time you dumb Goomba of a Koopa?" Kamek asked Iggy. "Well... I sort'a used King Dad's coins to buy all of these glasses." Iggy explained further, but the door burst open and Lemmy came out on his wonder ball hopping and spinning gleefully. Iggy placed his hand on his puso and sighed in relief. "Heeeeeyyyyyy… Iggster! I heard about your plan with the glasses!" Lemmy sinabi balancing on his wonder...
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posted by rainbowdhbrony1
Your dreams are coming true as we speak THE NX SYSTEM IS THE CLASSIC NES MINI NOW ! I watched a video on Youtube about it and you get 30 games with this new system how cool is that watched the video for madami details you want have fun! Anyway here are some of listahan of games for this brand new console! [CASTLEVANIA 1 AND 2] [GHOSTS AND GOBLINS] [BUBBLES AND BOBBLES] [METROID] [ KIRBY ADVENTURES] [ALL 3 MARIO BROS.] LAST DOUBLE DRAGON 2.

With all this excitement that Nintendo has planned for us including Poke'mon go yes find magical creatures in your backyard even in your room yeah and susunod thing you know hearing on the news that some guys believes that real Poke'mon creatures are invading earth haaaa yeah right !
posted by yoshi1234567890
The susunod araw when I woke up,I felt amazing!!! Ever since that day,I have felt awesome!!! That must mean this yoshi powers really settle with me! So I got out of kama and did the old,got dressed and went of to school. In the middle of my walk,I could not see with my contacts. And when i took em off,I could see perfectly! I never knew yoshi's had amazing eyesight. So when I got to blackville high,I once again found the bullies, But they ran away . That must mean what i did scared them off, Which is great!!!!
But even knowing this,i still went on with my day. And when school was over,I called my...
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posted by lavalord2012
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(We now go the bonfire ceremony, which the apoy isn't lit up, and all of the campers were looking at Ballyhoo.)

Ballyhoo: As you all know, Camp kabute will be your tahanan for the susunod eight weeks. Each three days, one camper will be taking the Pipe of Losers that will take them to the kastilyo for Losers. The last camper standing will win a million coins.

Yoshi: Hey, what about our sleeping arangements?

Fran: They're not co-ed, are they?

Ballyhoo: No, girls get one side of the cabin, and the boys get the other.

Peach: Um, can i get a cabin with a lake side view, since i'm the princess of the Mushroom...
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 Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story
Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story
This game rocks! I have it, and I have gotten far, but its not like it is such an easy game. You go inside Bowser's body as Mario and Luigi, and vist different parts of his body. Some of those places are the Trash Pit, apoy Pit, Airway, and Nose bridge. In there you can battle little germish things, in the water part you can battle big blue things, and outside of that there are spike guys and things with spiky clubs and if you jump on them they get bigger. Outside, as Bowser, you battle a Fawfulized statue, teeth, red guys with lollypops, and adventure there. THIS GAME IS ONLY FOR NINTENDO DS, NINTENDO DS LITE, AND NINTENDO DS I.
 Mario And Luigi
Mario And Luigi