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Article by Linksye posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
fan of it?
It began when Mario with Fludd and Bowser fell. Princess melokoton used her umbrella to float down gently. Mario's head got stuck on the sand. He quickly frees himself, and is shocked to find a malfuctioning Fludd lying on the ground. Has Fludd's squirting days over. Mario was sad. While Princess melokoton sees a Shine Sprite heading to the Isle Delfino Shine Sprite gate. But meanwhile Bowser and his son Bowser Jr. are sitting on an upturned bangka in the middle of the ocean, Bowser admits to Bowser Jr. that Princess melokoton is not his mother. Meanwhile Princess melokoton and Mario are gazing at the sunset. When suddenly a group of toads with Fludd. Fludd has been fixed and says “the vacation starts now”. So Mario, Princess Peach, and the toad crew check out the newly restored Bianco burol windmill. After that Mario is jumping on ropes without chasing red coins. Mario ipakita the Toad group how to balance on the rope. Mario and everyone else go to the airport and Mario starts jumping on the plane. So Mario slips. Mario and the crew goes to Ricco Harbor. So Princess Peach, Fludd, and a blue toad goes to the highest point of Ricco Harbor. Toadsworth conducts a tour of Ricco Harbor. Princess Peach...