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Can some really nice person give me a run down of season 2-7?

5 pagpaparangal and ill add ya!!!!! ;)
 lilred96 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Heaven21 said:
I think the most memerable of 2-7 is Sam going to hell comeing n back without his soul. & then getting it back. then theres cass who became God or so he thought then killed himself.I miss him:( n Bobby getting killed that sucked. but through it all the brothers never give up on each other aaaahhhh
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posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas 
rokocharm said:
Season 2- Dad sacrificed his life and the bisiro to save Dean's life, and he tells Dean something that we find out later was "if you can't save Sam, you must kill him". Sam also becomes increasingly scared about his psychic powers and his connection to the yellow eyed demon. The finale ends with Sam and other children like him being transported to an empty town, where they fight it out until only one is left standing. Sam is stabbed sa pamamagitan ng someone, and he dies in Dean's arms. Eventually Dean make a deal with the crossroads demon and gets 1 taon to live before being sent to hell.

Season 3- Sam is trying hard throughout the season to find a loophole in the deal. Dean acts like he doesn't care that he is going to die, but eventually realizes how scared he is. They meet this demon named Ruby who helps them, but Dean doesn't trust her. Sam is targeted sa pamamagitan ng a demon named Lillith, who wants to kill him because he is seen as competition for leading the Demon army. Eventually, Dean's time runs out, and Sam is forced to watch Dean get mauled to death. Lillith tries to kill Sam, but her power has not effect on him and she flees, leaving him alone with a dead Dean.

Season 4- Dean wakes up in a coffin and climbs back to the surface. It was later revealed that he was saved sa pamamagitan ng an Angel named Castiel, because heaven has work for him. Dean also remembers his time in hell, where he tortured souls for 10 of his 40 years. Sam is revealed to be using his psychic powers, with the help of Ruby. You also find out he is addicted to demon blood. Lillith is trying to break the 66 seals, which would free lucifer (essentially the devil) from hell. Sam and Dean have grown apart because of lies, mostly on Sam's part, who tried his best to ilipat on with his life without his brother. Sam and Dean have a fight at the end of the segundo last episode, and Dean is able to convince Castiel to help him stop Sam. It is revealed that Dean broke the first selyo when he began torturing souls in hell, and Sam is later tricked into breaking the last selyo and they free Lucifer from his cage, starting the apocolyspe and kill ruby (hell yeah!)

Season 5- Sam seeks redemption as they try and stop the upcoming apocalypse. Sam is revealed to be the vessel of Lucifer, and Dean is the vessel of Michael. The two mga kerubin are brothers, who are destined to kill each other, and the battle is the apocalypse basically, with Earth as the collateral. Castiel is now a fallen angel, and he loses his power slowly because he is cut off from heaven's power for helping people. Later, they come up with a plan to lock Lucifer back in the cage, but Sam must sacrifice himself to do so. During the last fight, Sam (possessed sa pamamagitan ng Lucifer) gains control after looking at the impala and remembering his life together with Dean. He jumps into hell with Lucifer, and pulls Michael, who possessed Adam (their half-brother) in with him as well. Dean is heartbroken, but he goes to find Lisa, an old romance and settles down to live a n
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posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas 
normal life.
rokocharm posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Season 6- Sam saves Dean from a creature who was poisoning and reveals he has been back for over a year. They start hunting again but there is something different about Sam, who seems madami cold and ruthless. Castiel reveals later that when Sam was resurrected, his soul was left in hell with Lucifer and Michael. Eventually they restore his soul, and he is normal again, but Death puts a pader in his head to keep his memories of hell sealed, or they could kill him. There is a civil war in heaven since Michael was locked in the cage, and Castiel faces off against Raphael, who wants to free the mga kerubin and restart the apocalypse. Castiel starts working with a demon named Crowley, to find the door to purgatory (where the souls of all the supernatural creatures go when they die), which will give Castiel enough power to fight Raphael. Castiel doesn't want to fight the Winchesters, so he brings down the pader in Sam's head, hoping they would stand down. Eventually he takes in the souls from purgatory, but they corrupt him and he declares himself the new god.
rokocharm posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
Just in case you wanted the end of season 7. Sam and Dean figure out with the help of a guy named Frank that Dick Roman has bought many different industries in the market. Their ultimate plan is to control the pagkain pinagmulan so that they can fatten up the population and use them for food. Notably, they acquire a burger chain and modify the burgers so that it will cause people to keep eating them and eventually brainwash them into being docile and easy to slaughter. Sam's hallucinations gets so bad he can't sleep anymore and ends up in a mental hospital. Dean finds Cas (who disappeared after the Leviathans left his body) accidentally who forgot everything about his old life. Eventually he remembers and goes to save Sam but the pader is gone and he cannot do anything so instead Cas decides to absorb Sam's memories of hell. Bobby is revealed to be a ghost (he stayed behind when the reaper asked him to ilipat on) who is attached to his flask which Dean carries around with him. Eventually Bobby gets revengeful (like all ghosts) and Sam and Dean burn his flask to help him ilipat on. They meet Kevin, who becomes a prophet accidentally and find a tablet with a recipe for a weapon to kill the Leviathans. In the finale, they make the weapon, gather Cas and Meg (the demon) and storm into Roman Industries. They fight and Dean stabs Dick and he explodes. Sam looks around and realizes he's all alone (Cas and Dean are gone) and Crowley comes and takes Kevin and Meg. Dean and Cas are revealed to be in purgatory and Dean tells them they should stick together as he hears monsters but then Cas disappears and Dean is left alone.
rokocharm posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
mehroj said:
Season 2:
> Sam died and Dean sold his soul to a crossroad demon in exchange of 1 taon of life to get Sam's life back.
> One of the gates of hell opened and hundreds of demons went free.
Season 3:
> Sam busted his asno trying to undo/fix the demon deal of Dean.
> Boys met a helping demon named Ruby.
> The hell's gate set free Lilith (the first of all demons) who started to broke the seals to set free Lucifer from his cage in hell and bring him to the Earth.
> 1 taon passed and Dean's soul was doomed to hell, he died.
Season 4:
> Dean was back from hell sa pamamagitan ng an angel named Castiel. (phew!)
> Ruby and Sam got close in spite of Dean's disapprove, because she's a demon.
> Ruby manipulated Sam and he unintentionally, broke the last selyo sa pamamagitan ng killing Lilith, and Lucifer was free.
> Both mga kerubin and demons were involved to bring on Lucifer because the both type wanted apocalypse in the world.
> Ruby was killed, Castiel helped the boys in many ways and become Dean's close friend.
Season 5:
> Lucifer needs a vessel and Sam was his perfect vessel. Micheal (brother of Lucifer, another arc angel who will kill Lucifer) also needs a vessel and Dean was his perfect vessel.
> The devil/angels couldn't capture the human body unless their permission. And all the angels/demons tried to convince the boys to say YES throughout the season.
> Lucifer started rampage on Earth with his temporary vessel and boys tried to kill him, but failed.
> Boys found a way to open Lucifer's cage and Sam sacrificed himself to get back Lucifer into that cage, and he was also trapped in the cage... This stopped the apocalypse.
> Dean, alone and extremely hurt, get back to one of his short-term relationship Lisa and started an mansanas pie life as he promised to Sam earlier.
Season 6:
> Dean lived an awkwardly normal life with Lisa about a taon until Sam showed to him.
> Sam was back from hell to hunt some creatures along with Dean. But his soul was left behind there with Lucifer and he had no feelings/fake feelings which Dean fixed somehow sa pamamagitan ng getting back the soul, but the soul was tortured/mutilated which started to hurt Sam badly.
> The boys hunted numerous creatures to know the purgatory (where the creatures' souls go after death).
> Eventually the gate of purgatory opened. Castiel had the souls of creatures inside him, felt extremely powerful and claimed himself as the new God.
Season 7: (so far)
> Castiel couldn't hold the souls inside him and died, which released the most dangerous creatures of any creations; the Leviathans. They are currently trying to capture the whole world and the boys are still trying to find a way to kill/stop them.
> Sam is having serious problems with the part of Lucifer inside his head and struggling with it.
I guess, this is a really LONG brief(!) of Supernatural throughout the 2 to 7 seasons. I hope this works!
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