Ah, it’s a famous line from Dean. He sinabi it to Sam, when Sam was wondering what Mary would say if she knew that they ganked her father (their grandfather). Granted he was an a**, who fed his grandsons to hungry ghouls. “Just because you’re blood, it doesn’t make you family. You have to earn that.” Now I could go on a tangent on Grandfather Campbell, but that’s not why I wrote this. This is about Adam. Remember him? He’s currently burning in hell, trapped in Lucifer’s cage with Michael and Lucifer. Why wasn’t he saved? Why have the boys promptly forgotten about him? Let’s take a closer look shall we? I’ll be quick I promise, I know I have a history of being long winded, but then again, Supernatural has so many dimensions, I couldn’t possible capture everything.

    Sam and Dean were unaware of the existence of their half-brother until near the end of season 4. Sam is about 7 years older then Adam, and Dean is 11 years older. John stumbled across Adam’s mother in Windom, Minnesota, while he was injured during a hunt. And well, you can guess what happens. I can’t say I’m too surprised. Mary, the pag-ibig of his life had been dead for about 6 years now. He had 2 young boys, and a job that showed him all the evil in the world. Maybe he was looking for an outlet, maybe he was lonely. Heck, maybe she reminded him of Mary, and she was nothing madami then a surrogate. Who knows? Fast-forward 9 months, and Adam is born.

    When John finds out about Adam, he takes a completely different path then he did with his two older sons. He is actually madami like a father. He takes Adam to a baseball game, teaches him to drive in the Impala, and even buys him his first serbesa at 15. Probably everything he would have done with Sam and Dean, had Mary not died. Remember, this was never the life he had wanted for them. But he had to train them, in order to keep them safe, and to possibly carry on his legacy if he should perish. It may have been guilt. Maybe he wanted to make up for the time he didn’t spend with Adam for the first 12 years, or maybe, he wanted to do with Adam, the things he couldn’t do with Sam and Dean.

    When Sam and Dean find out about Adam, they are pretty shocked. Dean, madami than anyone because he worshipped the man, and could find little fault (choosing to overlook a lot of it) in him while he was alive. It is Dean, that wants to discourage Sam from exposing Adam to the hunter life. This could be partly due to Dean’s attempts to keep the truth from anyone unless absolutely necessary, or maybe he was just protecting Adam like his father protected Adam. While it seems like he had grudgingly accepted Adam as his blood, and therefore his brother, he doesn’t welcome him with open arms. Maybe it was jealousy; Adam experienced his father in a very different light that Dean only saw when he was very young. Maybe it was caution. Maybe it was acknowledging that his father wasn’t as perfect as he liked to think.

    When Adam is resurrected to be a vessel for Michael, Dean seems almost insulted that someone else could take his place. But despite that, he tries to protect Adam from the angels, and even risks his own life to save him (although they ultimately fail). At this point, I don’t think he really sees Adam as his ‘family’. I mean, his family has always been his father, Sam and himself (with the occasional side character). He sees Adam as just another person in need that he needs to help.
    When confronted sa pamamagitan ng the choice of saving Sam or Adam’s soul in season 6, there was never a doubt in my mind that he’d save Sam. Because Sam always comes first. But beyond that, it’s almost mirrored sa pamamagitan ng Samuel Campbell’s relationship with his grandsons. Both were confronted with somebody they had never met or knew about, who claimed they were blood and therefore family. Maybe at the biological level its true, but to both Dean and Samuel, there was nothing madami connecting them then just that. Would you sacrifice absolutely everything for someone, ‘family’ that you hardly knew? So in essence, to Dean, Adam is blood, not family, just like to Samuel his grandsons were just blood.

    And why have they forgotten about dear Adam? Well currently, they have bigger isda to deal with. The Leviathans. And with the death of Bobby, a real surrogate father to the boys, I don’t think Adam is high on their list. And there’s also the practicality. Adam has been in the cage for…how long? Sam’s soul was only in the cage for 1.5 years, and the trauma caused sa pamamagitan ng his pader crumbling really exemplifies the terror and horror of the mental torture that was inflicted. If they were to save Adam, wouldn’t the sheer force of everything destroy him? Well sure, there’s the wall, but that turned out so well the last time it was used.

    “So what does it all add up to? (I pag-ibig Chuck’s narration ☺) It's hard to say. But me, I'd say this was a test... for Sam and Dean. And I think they did all right. Up against, Good, Evil, angels, devils, Destiny, and God himself. They made their own choice. They chose family. And, well... isn't that kinda the whole point?” Blood doesn’t make you family. Because you have to earn that.