My tuktok 10 countdown for those who are curious as to why your Sam and Dean Girls are slowly converting over to the ♥Cas side

10. Trenchcoat - Because no one can rock a Trenchcoat like Cas. Not even Tommy Lee
See even Cas knows he rocks madami than Tommy

9. Jimmy Novak - Whose vessel is as sweet a man as Jimmy?

8. His name is Castiel!! - I'm sorry but I think he has the most AWESOMEST (if that's even a word, I don't care coz that's how awesome it is) name on the show!

7. He's clueless - Sometimes he's so clueless it's adorable. Like he doesn't understand why people lie when they want to get the truth. Like Dean sinabi Cas "That's how you become president!"

6. He's so serious it's hilarious - "This isn't funny Dean. The voice says I'm almost out of minutes" LMAO!! Need I say more?

5. Beautiful Eyes - His trademark blue eyes are rivalling Sammy's tuta ones
Sam: "Why are you stealing my tagahanga girls Cas?"

4. Loyalty - Okay I admit I was super pissed that he let Sam out of Bobby's cellar in S4 but he came round in the end so that he wouldn't lose Deans friendship. Awww.
Also in season 5 Episode "The End" It's the future and Cas is still there. Right sa pamamagitan ng Deans side, ready to fight even if Deans plan is "insouciant" xD Sorry pag-ibig saying that word now, it makes me feel smart. Btw >:( <----- This is for future Dean! Real Dean would never sacrifice his friend's life. Especially Cas'! (okay calm down now... deep breath... Woosaa XD)

3. He's Sams Friend - "Because Sam is my friend" Is that just not the cutest line Sam Girls? Come on he was ready to kill an old angelic friend (Anna :( R.I.P) if she tried to go near Sammy.
Dean: "Ow Cas! That freakin' hurt!"

2. He's an ANGEL!! - He gripped Dean tight and raised him from perdition. Come on Dean girls, you've gotta give him credit for that.

1. Here's the Number One reason (well my number 1 reason) MISHA COLLINS!!♥♥♥
♥♥ Misha Collins ♥♥
Honestly, not because he's GORGEOUS, which he totally is! Because if it was for his looks I wouldn't have been stupid enough to overlook his character for the whole of season 4! :O
I amaze myself at how blind I can be sometimes XD
I think Misha's super hilarious, highly intelligent [he's the SPN grammar technician] amazingly talented [The Rapture S4, watching Misha playing Jimmy and Cas was like watching two different people], twisted, kinda wierd, sarcastic, kind and he cares about his fans! He even sent homemade tsokolate to a tagahanga link for the link which explains why that really super lucky wish I estola it out of her mailbox tagahanga got Misha's homemade "balls of shit" Misha's words not mine XD

btw I think all the SPN cast care about their fans but anyways I'm talking about Misha :P

Notice that the only time I mentioned his looks was for #5 his Beautiful Eyes and when I sinabi he's GORGEOUS!! Because he so is. But those ain't the real reasons I turned Cas Girl. Even though everywhere I comment I say he's Hot!! Coz he is ♥♥♥ It's because of those 10 reasons, but mainly number one. I'm grateful for the araw I stumbled upon link joined twitter and found out how Awesome Misha Collins is. Even madami grateful that I was bored last buwan and I was checking out my old websites and came across Fanpop where I found all these over obsessed Supernatural and Castiel fans who make me feel it's normal to feel this way about a ipakita that I care for as much as the fictional characters on them :D

♥♥You guys are AWESOME!! Thank you so much.♥♥

Okay, That sounded like I was just leaving my own rock concert. But uy "that's just how I roll" =P
And that's how Cas rolls too XD