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Dean was sitting on a chair, susunod to Cas’ hospital bed. There was only one visitor allowed and Sam and Dean had agreed to switch turns.
“Why are you so reckless?” Dean mumbled helpless.
The susunod moment Cas sat up and gasped for air.
“Cas?” Dean sinabi and he stood up. He wanted to call a doctor when Cas took his hand.
“Am I alive?” he asked faint.
“Yeah” Dean nodded relieved. “You’re alive”
Cas closed his eyes and fell asleep.
A couple of hours later he woke up and saw he had company. Dean hadn’t left, and Sam, Jo, Ellen and Anna had joined him.
“You gave us all a big...
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Meg was walking down some unknown street. It was dark and she squeezed her eyes to see where she was heading. What the hell was wrong with her sight? She passed a turn and arrived at a parking lot. There were no cars, but there was someone standing on the other side of the parking lot. The streetlights were on and so she recognized him.
“Kevin” Meg sinabi slowly. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you scared? All alone, in the dark? Shouldn’t you go run back to Daddy Crowley?” she scoffed.
“Funny you mention Crowley” Kevin sinabi with a faint smile. “He gave me a present. To thank...
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Anna materialized in the ICU. The doctors had brought Cas here. There was nothing they could do as long as they didn’t have the donors they needed.
Anna, holding a pair of kidneys in her left hand and a liver in her right hand, quickly walked to the bed. She removed the sheets with her mind and cut open Cas’ belly. While blood streamed alongside Cas’ unconscious body and on the matrass, Anna put the organs in their rightful place.
The monitor started beeping and Anna vanished, when a team of doctor’s came rushing into the intensive care.
“I need to talk to security” the doctor said, when he’d fixed up Cas’ properly. “Someone was here. Someone attempted to kill this man”
“Someone who gave him the organs he needed?” his assistant frowned. “Why would anyone do that?”
“I don’t know” the doctor said. “But I want someone to keep an eye on him, as long as he’s here”
Crowley was training his new powers on some of his demons, while he thought of all the things he could do with it. The ironic thing was that Cas had ibingiay him his powers to save Dean, and the first thing Crowley wanted to do with his new abilities was drain the life out of that Winchester chucklehead.
But that wouldn’t be the most clever plan ever. The Winchesters would probably expect him to strike now. So, maybe, he should send someone else.
As if on cue, Kevin appeared and a malicious smile appeared on Crowley’s face.
“Kevin!” he exclaimed and Kevin turned to Crowley.
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Dean and Sam rushed into the hospital, to the reception room. “Hi, my friend was brought in here” “What’s your friend’s condition?” the receptionist asked. “Eh” Dean hesitated, looking at Sam.
“Sam! Dean!”
The Winchesters turned around and saw Anna running their way. “Come with me, I know where he is” she said. She turned around again and Sam and Dean followed her. “I found him lying in the middle of a crossroad, bleeding badly. I’ve been having this bad feeling all araw and I’m so furious with myself that I didn’t look for him sooner”
She stopped at a door....
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Sam, Jo and Ellen were standing around Dean’s kama in the mortuary. There was a book where people could write down their condolences, but since Dean didn’t know that many people, the book would be as good as empty.
Jo took Dean’s hand and brought it to her lips. She kissed his fingers, while tears rolled over her face. Then something magnificent happened. Dean pinched Jo’s hand.
“Dean?” Jo sinabi breathless. Sam and Ellen looked up at Dean. They saw his eyelids ilipat and slowly they opened.
“Dean!” Sam exclaimed. Dean blinked his eyes and sat up. He looked around. “Where the hell...
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Night came in and Cas was standing on a crossroad. He buried a small, tin box in the ground and then took a step back.
“Get your asno down, here, Crowley!” he yelled.
A few long segundos later Crowley appeared. “Give me one good reason why I wouldn’t kill you this very instant”
“Because I have something better in store” Cas said. He took a deep breath and then continued. “You have to bring Dean back to life”
“Let me guess, I get your soul in return” Crowley sinabi bored. “Sorry, but that’s getting so old. Nice chatting” He wanted to leave, when Cas quickly said: “Not...
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Sam was back at the motel, when the door opened and Ellen and Jo came in. Sam looked up and his eyes widened. “Jo” he sighed relieved. He walked to her and threw his arms around her. “You’re alive, thank God”
“Yeah” Jo said, tapping Sam’s shoulder.
Sam scratched his neck. “Eh, do you want some coffee? I can make some” he suggested.
“No, don’t bother, we’re good” Ellen said.
“It’s no bother” Sam said. “I was going to make some anyway” And thus he walked to the kitchen.
“Where’s Dean? I’d like to see him. He wasn’t in his room anymore” Jo said.
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Cas took Ellen’s arm and disappeared. He landed in the ICU, susunod to Jo’s bed.
“Warn me if someone’s coming. I don’t know how long this will take” Cas sinabi dispassionately. Ellen nodded and walked to the door. She opened it and walked outside.
Cas sank down on the kama and lay his hands on both Jo’s temples. He closed his eyes and prayed for Jo to open her eyes.
And she did. At first everything was a blur. She reached out her hand and touched Cas’ face. “Dean?” she mumbled weak. When Cas’ face became clearer she withdrew her hand. “I’m sorry”
Cas didn’t reply, but...
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posted by kenziebenji
So my friend and I pagtatalo this topic about Supernatural the most than any other topic. She doesn't understand why I want Adam to come back so much, or why I think that Dean and Sam should want him to come back. Unlike some others I understand why Dean wanted to bring back Sam instead of bringing back Adam, because obviously Sam is going to be madami important to him than a guy he just met. However, I want them to get Adam out! He doesn't have to be their best mga kaibigan all of a sudden, or hunt with them, I just want him out of hell and conversing with his brothers. Family is everything, especially...
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“What do you mean, he couldn’t?” Ellen asked upset.
“He sinabi he tried to, but he failed. He sinabi his powers don’t work” Sam explained.
“Why don’t they work? Where is he?” Ellen asked angry. “I’m going to kick his asno until he heals my daughter”
She turned around and started walking.
She turned around. “What?” she snapped.
“I don’t think yelling at him will do much good” Sam warned.
“Then I’ll save that for plan B” Ellen said.
“What’s plan A?” Sam asked.
“Begging him” Ellen said. “On my knees if I have to” And she turned around.
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Cas appeared outside Dean’s room, ignoring the short shrieks of the nurses. He opened the door and Sam looked up.
“You came” he sinabi relieved.
“I’m sorry I left” Cas said. “There were things I needed to take care of”
“Yeah, sure, but can you save that for later?” Sam said. “Right now we really need your help”
“What’s going on?” Cas asked numb.
“Zoey didn’t just shoot Dean. She also shot Jo” Sam said.
“Jo’s dead?” Cas asked soft. Sam shook his head. “No, not yet” he said. “But her life’s hanging sa pamamagitan ng a thread and you might be her only hope”
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‘Cas? I know you can hear me, so don’t ignore my calls. I know you’re having a hard time right now and no one blames you. But we need you. We need your help. It’s not your fault, okay? But you have to get back here”
Cas heard Sam’s call perfectly as he stared into Andy’s face. Andy looked from Cas to Zoey.
“What the hell happened here?” he sinabi breathing fast.
“I killed her” Cas confessed.
“I can see that” Andy sinabi shocked. He kneeled susunod to the body. “Did anyone see you come in?”
“I don’t think so” Cas said.
“Good” Andy said. “Go”
“What?” Cas...
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Sam was sitting at Dean’s death bed, when the door opened and Ellen walked in. Sam was Nawawala in grief, so he didn’t hear her. It wasn’t until she lay her hand on his shoulder that he looked up.
“Ellen?” he sinabi confused. He hadn’t thought about calling anyone, so why was she here? “Did Cas call you?” he asked, though he knew that couldn’t be the case.
“No” Ellen sinabi numb. “I had to be here” Then, with a little madami strength in her voice, she said: “That asong babae shot my daughter”
“What?” Sam exclaimed while getting up. “Well, where is she? Is she going to be okay?”...
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It was close to midnight and Zoey had buried Daphne’s body in the garden. She hadn’t meant to shoot Dean Winchester, but if he was dead, all the better for her. The less people that were in her and Cas’ way, the better.
Of course it would take Cas some time to forgive her, but their pag-ibig would survive it. She hadn’t want to kill her sister, either, but there simply was no other way. Zoey was certain that wherever Daphne was now, she would understand. Daphne was at piece. She was with Martin, the most important person in her life.
And Zoey would be with Cas and then they would raise...
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Sam held the door of the hospital open, while Cas carried the unconscious Dean inside. Before they could call for help an emergency doctor rushed to them and called for a stretcher. A male nurse rode a stretcher to them and Cas lay Dean down on it. As the doctor drove to the emergency room, she asked what happened.
“He’s been shot” Cas quickly answered.
“What’s his blood type?” the doctor needed to know. Sam answered and the doctor drove the stretcher into the emergency room. “Sorry, you have to wait outside” she sinabi as she closed the doors, leaving Sam and Cas outside.
Sam ran...
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1. You have the lyrics of 'Carry On My Wayward Son' memorized
2. You say "Son of a Bitch" madami often when bad things happen
3. You try to find and own every single piece of Supernatural merchandise out there
4. When you see "Pig in a Poke" on the Breakfast menu, you know not to order sausage with it
5. You hum 'Heat of the Moment' every Tuesday
6. Your not afraid to wear anything with plaid
7. You have to tell everyone when you see a '67 Chevy Impala
8. It is required to attend at least one Supernatural Convention in your lifetime
9. You quote when with another Supernatural tagahanga madami often than one...
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This is part two of the analyzing Dean Winchester article, so if you haven't read the first part, you can look for it in my articles. The last one was many months ago, and I only recently got around to finishing this part. Please excuse the end of the article, I didn't expand as much as I wanted to, darn writer's block! Anyways hope you enjoy, make sure to check out my other artikulo and happy pagbaba :)

6.    Dean is selfless.
Selfless might be an understatement for our dear Dean. This term might apply when we talk about his relationship with the people he saves. He’s...
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guys i had a dream last night in which i was in my class in school when sudenly all the girls start whispering that the principal is coming to our class with a stranger i mean with a man no one knows.every girl was trying to peek throug the window but i was sitting on my own place when the principal reach our class and sinabi that do some one know this man every one say 'no' but when i saw him i was like going to die cause that man was jensen achels/......................... i was so happy to saw him in our class that i could even dont talk then i reached to him say hello to him and just for...
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Zoey knocked the door of the motel room. She had seen Dean leave a minuto ago. He probably went to the blonde girl she just shot.
“Cas? Can you open the door?” she asked sweet.
Cas rotated his head and looked at the door.
“Please, Cas? I just want to talk” Zoey sinabi slow.
Cas looked at the kama susunod to him, but Meg had fallen asleep. Lucky her, Cas thought.
“Cas, I have Dean and I have a gun. Open the door now”
Cas’ eyes widened in fear and he slowly came out of bed.
“I’m…I’m coming” he stammered. “Don’t kill him” He held his stomach, his injuries were still not completely...
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