Supernatural Supernatural Season 8 – as the massive riddles continues….

darkgoth posted on Feb 26, 2013 at 05:15AM
If I hadn’t lost my count I bet there will be 3 more episodes stored for Cass reappearance since he took off after the Samandriel’s case. Poor Cass, he just can’t catch a breath, all he ever wanted to do is penance but unlikelihood hits him instead. I just couldn’t help but wonder, is Cass still in there; or he is just some kind of engineered ‘killing machine’ which is now controlled by the mysterious elite angel, Naomi.

Apparently there is a lot to explore in this latest season of Supernatural series relatively to the past. For example, what is Naomi identity for real? I mean having the juice just enough to control other angels mind…? That explains Naomi is not an average kind on the same bench. It also perplexes me that if a prophet can only be existed at one time, then what happened to Chuck? A prophet was supposed to be guarded by an archangel known as Metatron who is now obviously off the radar.

All these mystifying points add up to hell lots of massive riddles at it seam. And I’m just as much thrilled as the rest to grab a hold on the grand story, pretty soon..

Well, thanks in advance to all dedicated Supernatural writers and the crew.

Supernatural No ang sumagot