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kristine95 posted on Jan 30, 2010 at 05:28PM
We've had this going before, but the girl that kind of "runned" it hasn't been active in MONTHS. So when Sam won, we never started a new round. Therefore I thought I could start it up again, as it's one of the best forum games in my opinion =D

Here's how the game works..
Each person starts with 10 points, and you + 1 point to your favorite person, and you - 1 point to the one you like the least. And if a person hits 0, they are eliminated.

You can not vote more than once at a time. If you vote one time, you have to wait till at least one user has voted after you, before you vote the next time. This way the game might be more fair. Please do not go against this. It will ruin the game. It's supposed to go for a very long time.

Every time you put your answer you must copy and paste the new list. When someone is elimated, just put a zero next to their name so we can see who it was. Please say somewhere in your reply that the character died.

The character that is standing alone in the end, is the winner of this round. When the round is over, I will start round 2, and the winner of round 1 will not be in it. After a long while, there will be a winnerlist with the right order the characters won. Then we will be able to see who really is the fans' favorite characters!

10 Sam Winchester
10 John Winchester
10 Mary Winchester
10 Castiel
10 Jessica Moore
10 Jo Harvelle
10 Bobby Singer
10 Ruby 1.0
10 Ruby 2.0
10 Anna Milton
10 Bela Talbot
10 Ellen Harvelle
10 Gordon Walker
10 Ash
10 Yellow-Eyed Demon
10 Lucifer
10 Lillith
10 Alastair
10 Meg Masters
10 The Trickster
10 Zachariah
10 Uriel
10 Victor Henricksen
10 Ed Zeddmore
10 Harry Spangler
10 Chuck Shurley

Characters that hit 0
Gordon Walker
Ruby 2.0
Sam Winchester -- WTF!
Jo Harvelle
Ruby 1.0
Meg Masters
Jessica Moore
Ed Zeddmore
Harry Spangler
Bela Talbot
Victor Henricksen
Yellow Eyed Demon
The Trickster
Chuck Shurley
John Winchester
Mary Winchester
Anna Milton

The Winners
Round 1: Dean Winchester
Round 2:
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