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Season Seven being filled sa pamamagitan ng a unique storyline of a new being, challeges and well-rehearsed amount of action, fantasy, romance as well as numerous old and new faces. However, being tailed sa pamamagitan ng tragedy and triumph makes this season ipakita its true mga kulay ever so more, being closely dissolved into a very good season.
With this, it brings out even madami than we'd expect, including new facts, ideas and know-how of its characters. And because of this, I've made a listahan of these items that we've seem to have never learned that I'm about to teach you:

 Sam and Dean arguing about licorice in 'Death's Door'
Sam and Dean arguing about...
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1 — Because He Tried To Save Dean No Matter What…
2 — Because He’s Got Something Evil Inside Of Him and still looks sexy
3 — Because He’s Tough as nails
4 — Because He Lived Without His Big Brother for 4 Months
5 — Because He Knows That He’s Heading Down A Dangerous Road and tries his best not to
6 — Because He Uses His Evil-ish Powers
7 — Because He Wants To Stop What He’s Doing In The Dark But He Can’t seem to
8 — Because He Thinks He’s Doing The Right Thing some of the time he is
9 — Because His Girlfriend Died In The Pilot
10 — Because He Wasn’t Sure His Father...
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This isn't my article. I found it on a site and I though it would be interesting to share.

When the Winchesters went into a psychiatric hospital on Supernatural, they weren't just facing a Wraith, they were facing their own psyches. They may have gone a little cuckoo, but "Sam, Interrupted" was one of the madami psychological episodes of Supernatural, exploring the root causes behind Sam and Dean's actions.

For Dean, there are two obvious character flaws. The first is his compulsion to save everyone and his willingness to sacrifice himself to do it. The segundo is the way he copes with that stress:...
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so .. here it is! my entry for the SPN contest. I know it's not really that great but I tried ;P

A - I hope your apple pie is freakin' worth it!

B - Bitch, Jerk.

C - Castiel, an Angel of the lord.

D - Demons, evil sons of bitches.

E - Evil Santa?

F - Family, the only thing that matters.

G - Gordon Walker, not just your average hunter.

H - Hell, Dean spent four months in Hell.

I - I can't do this alone.

J- Jensen and Jared

K - Kripke, Eric.

L - Little brother. That' my job, right? look after my pain in the asno little brother.

M - Mystery spot.

N - Nutty. That's just nutty!

O - Ocassion. Bon Jovi rocks....on...
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This is my entry for the ABC portion of the Ultimate SPN Contest.
[insert clever introduction here]

A - Awesome on every level
B - Bobby; he's one of those things that's full of awesome!
 ^more awesome^
^more awesome^

C - Classic rock; another awesome thing!
D - Demons; those snarky S.O.B.s- what would the ipakita be without them?

E - Eager; what we all are for Season 5!
Why isn't it September 10th right NOW?!

F - Family; what the show's all about
G - Gorgeous; otherwise known as Jared and Jensen!
H - Heroes; no matter what they might think of themselves, that's what the Winchesters...
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