Supernatural Supernatural Party: What happens?

Pick one:
Ruby gets drunk and throws up on Anna
Sam is wondering how Lucifer was about to raise and now he is at a party
Zach and Castiel battle each other in a game of wits and bravery: thumb wrestling
Dean eats too much pie and also throws up on Anna
Anna says very unholly words because she is tired of being thrown up on
Uriel is just happy he to be back alive :)
Bobby some how ends up slow dancing Sam
Chuck really isn't sure how he can fit this night into his books
Lucifer does cool magic tricks with apoy
Alastair wants to die again so he doesn't have to watch this freaky gathering
All of the above
Aerohead really needs a hobbie
 Aerohead posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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