Supernatural CASTING CALL! Supernatural needs YOU! Hypothetically speaking of course. I don't wanna get anyones hopes up :P Which SPN character would you trade places with?

Pick one:
Demonic Crowley: fans pag-ibig me despite me killing people. Plus I got AWESOME lines
Ruby: I'm not a tagahanga favourite but I get to bang Sammy so Yay Me!
Tricky Gabriel: I stuck the boys in TV Land and a time loop. Damn I'm Funny!
Uriel: I'm the funniest angel in the Garrison and I get to hang out with Castiel.
Angelic Anna: If you want a piece of Dean's sweet asno you should switch with me
Metallicar: I have a large tagahanga base and hang out with the boys ALL the time
Lilith: Yay it's my everyday. Choose me! Don't be mean to me like Freckles
Dr Bad Ass: The name speaks for itself. No need to elaborate on my AWESOMENESS
Lu: I'm just a Sexy Misunderstood Bad asno who wants to destroy the world. Trade?
Jo: I'm a Kick asno chick with a Bad asno Momma.
 joose32 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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