Supernatural [Supernatural: The Video Game: Pick 4] We've now started the game. We will learn first 'select cycle.' Which of the following add-ons should be included? Sam & Dean (*all)

Pick one:
*Both: Weapon Use/Swap
Sam: Demon Powers (Season 4)
Dean: Use of bisiro (Only certian times)
*Both: Taunting
Both [especially Dean]: Cas "phone" (Season 5 & 6)
*Sam: tuta Eyes *smiles*
Dean: Death Abilities (Access in 'Appointment in Samarra' Level)
*Both: Fighting (Basic Habit)
Both: Use of Ruby's kutsilyo (Certian Times)
*Both: Fake IDs
Dean: Vampire ('Live Free or Twihard' Level)
*Both [especially Dean]: Impala
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