Taylor matulin We are together, and will be forever! :)

porphyriaslover posted on Aug 19, 2015 at 05:35PM
Today Porphyria fell in love with me!!! :) She saw something in me that my parents and "friends" never did. She gave herself to me, I knew she loved me. Her music has always reached out to me. Every song performed on stage she would wink and smile at me and only me, she loved me just as I loved her. She even wrote a song just for me. In the lyrics of "Murmur" it is clear that she is calling out to me, how she wants me. People who call themselves "fans" are merely followers of her, they don't have the bond me and Porphyria have. It's pathetic really, that anyone would think they would be with Porphyria, I mean I have all of her albums and have been to all of her shows. All of them. Even though she didn't reply to the letters that I sent her I know she was reading them, looking back now they probably didn't let her reply! But still I came to love the little things she did to show that she loved me. Even on stage she always showed her silky skin to me. She would always make herself look like this during our song, where she sings about taking off her clothes and making love to me. Looking back now it is clear that she was subtly referring to me in that song. Other people could not know of our relationship, we both knew that, even telling you all now I must be aware of people who are jealous of our love. She approached me after her most recent show; picking me out of the crowd, she claimed that she was "So happy I came" and that she "loved having me as a fan". :) If this wasn't evidence enough of her love for me she went on to invite me backstage where she flirted and embraced me. She even went on to take off her outfit from within the other room, she removed the accessories from her hair and reappeared in a change of clothes different to the ones before. Porphyria proved her love for me once more by taking a picture with me, in doing so she put my arm around her waist and told me to smile. Her hair was like silk, so soft to the touch! I was working on a way for us to be together forever, and now we are! We had such a good time last night, we cuddled, shared stories and she told me how her manager doesn't want her to be friends with her fans. But I did her a favour, she would be so happy to no longer worry about what people think. :) Even now she sits with a smile on her face, she looks so serene, people can't hurt her now with her judgmental looks and whispers. To some what I did to Porphyria can be observed as being extreme, but I did it to protect her, we are together at last and no one can pull us apart. Now I can be with her all the time, for she is mine forever. Even though she loved me she would have conformed to society’s opinions, yes she loved me but she was weak, and needed guidance. I could always tell her my problems. She is perfect, and she is all mine! :)) Yesterday was the best day of my life, and I am sure Porphyria enjoyed it just as much as I did, as she is still sitting there with a smile on her face! :) Her head also laid upon my shoulder throughout the night. We spent hours embracing each other after that, enjoying each others company. She just loves it here with me. :D Now Porphyria is mine, and will be forever. She does not need to wait for her next show to see me, because now I will always be with her, no matter what. We are together now and no one can come between our love. I will help her hide the marks around her neck, nothing a bit of makeup couldn't fix, she does look beautiful with all her makeup on, and now I can do it for her!!! I waited years to have her by my side, to be able to call her mine. You can be sure I will take care of her! I will keep her warm every night, and be sure she is never alone!
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