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luckyPink posted on Mar 16, 2016 at 07:35AM
Okay so i brought another forum in this club and as the names says this forum is about Tays fashion style.


Lets start with some rules.

1- Post a pic according to the theme given.
2- Respect the deadline!
4-DO NOT VOTE YOUR OWN PIC!! i am damn serious I WILL CHECK!
5- Editing the pic is not necessary. U r free to post the original ones.
6-The winner gets 5 props.
7- Winner of two rounds in a row gets to choose the next theme.

>Winner will be selected by poll which will last for three days.<
♥Taylor ICON Contest!♥

ROUND 1: Floral outfit/dress .
WINNER: luckyPink

ROUND 2: Belt
WINNER: Bright_Angel

ROUND 3: Bows
WINNER: Bright_Angel

ROUND 4: Ruffled/frilled skirt or dress.
WINNER: a11-swift

ROUND 5: Polka dots.
WINNER: bright_angel, FalliNgSparks, Hermione4evr (Tied again in the Tie Breaker poll)

ROUND 6: Taylor in total black look.
WINNER: Hermione4evr

ROUND 7: Sparkles.
WINNERS: poulamikundu, abcjkl, flowerdrop. (Tied again in the Tie Breaker poll)

ROUND 8: Tay on stage.
WINNER: a11-swift

ROUND 9: Jewelry .
WINNER: flowerdrop

ROUND 10: Straight hair.
WINNER: Hermione4evr

ROUND 11: Winter outfit
WINNER: FalliNgSparks

ROUND 12: Pencil skirt
WINNER: Hermione4ever

ROUND 13: Stripes
WINNER:Liza_1989 and luckyPink

ROUND 14: Strapless dress
WINNER: Hermione4ever

ROUND 15: Fearless era style
WINNER: Liza1989, luckyPink, FalliNgSparks

ROUND 16: Lips
WINNER: Hermione4ever

ROUND 17: Make-up
WINNER: FalliNgSparks

ROUND 18: Nails
WINNER: FalliNgSparks

ROUND 19: Advertisement i.e in an ad
WINNER: Isabellagirl033

ROUND 20: Pink Lips CLOSED
WINNER:Poll is up!
 Okay so i brought another pagtitip. in this club and as the names says this pagtitip. is about Tays fashion s
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