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posted by TDIfangirl
"Damn, Izzy.." Grumbled Chris. "Why'd you jump off the damn plane when it was damn crashing?"
"Because you spent the gas money." Replied Izzy, who was equally annoyed.
"Shut up."
"....Your team misses you."
"They do? Awww, what about Owen?"
"He misses you a lot."
"And you?"
Izzy pouted and stared at the TV host. "Don't you miss me too?"
"Izzy, we have a professional relationship, you do know that, right?" Asked Chris.
"Oh, so we have a relationship? I really didn't know you felt so strongly for me."
"Would you shut it? I don't like you."
The crazy girl's eyes feigned sadness. "Oh, why must you...
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posted by TDIfangirl
The gray sky sounded a boom of thunder as the rain drummed on the ground.

Clutching her takip ever so tigtly, her straight kahel hair in pigtails as she watched student after student recieve their diplomas, she remembered the araw before, after the final exams, when everyone just....talked.

"I can't beileve tomorrow we're actually graduating from high school. It feels like there's so much I still wanna do here." Chris said, caressing Izzy in her arms. "I wouldn't mind, for one madami day, being a 9th grader again." "What are you gonna do?" Izzy asked.
"What's that mean?"
"Everybody does something...
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posted by TDIfangirl
When they first met, they felt a feeling that could not be forgoten: Love.
When they first said, "I pag-ibig you", they screamed in their heads: Finally!
When their first petsa came, they had a goal: Gotta be perfect.
When he proposed, it felt like a millions weights had been lifted off: Free.
When the wedding came, they felt nothing but greatness: Magic.
When she first met his parents, she felt a dose of security: Safe.
When he met her mom, he felt a touch of thought: Realiziation.
When they had their children, they felt an explosion of happiness: Love.
When they grew old, they felt a hint of certainty: Memories.
When he died, she felt a web of sadness: Depression.
When she died, she smiled a final smile of happiness...
"Now, I'm going to see Chris."
posted by Courtney370
Part.1 telling her izzy was in her kama writeing in her diary and lzzy heard someone at her door. she get out of her kama and open it. oh it you. sinabi lzzy, yes lzzy it me sinabi chris, but why are you in your bathrobe. sinabi lzzy, because i want to. sinabi chris and i thought owen was crazy but you are even crazyer. sinabi lzzy. are you with owen as a girlfriend sinabi chris. yes but e-scope is. sinabi lzzy so, you want to go out. sinabi chris, yeah total sinabi lzzy what time? sinabi lzzy today at 9:00. sinabi chris ok That It's For Now. Will Lzzy Go On The petsa With Chris? and Will Chris Tell His Ture Feelings For Lzzy? Find Out On pag-ibig Bites Part Two!!
posted by TDIfangirl
Izzy looked around the Super Target. "Hello? Anyone?" She called, but all she heard was the echo of her voice. That's when she saw it. People standing, gray and frozen, all staring at her. Izzy gasped, backing away. She backeed farther until she bumped into a man, who grabbed her arm. In his hand was a pole, which changed into a long knife. Izzy screamed, running away. She saw a familiar figure standing across from her. "Chris!" She screamed in reilef, collapsing in his arms. "It's alright, Izzy. I'll protect you." He hugged her back. A fight between Chris and the gray people followed. Using...
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posted by TDIfangirl
"Listen up, peoples! I just got an announcement!" TDIfangirl yelled as everyone got quiet. "I just got a call from Izzy's mother. They're moving back to their hometown in Ottawa." "Why?" Heather asked.
"How should I know? Her mom doesn't have a job, so it mustn't be because she was transfered."
The entire class started talking about Izzy and how she was moving.
"This is terrible!"
"How do you think she feels?"
"You hear that, dude?" Duncan asked, turning to Chris. "Your girlfriend's moving." "I know that. I am not deaf." Chris replied, not looking at him. Deep down, he was devastated. Izzy was...
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posted by superDUNCANfan

Izzy came to a stop, she was outside."Izzy!"Chris yelled."Just leave me alone Chris!"Izzy yelled"Izzy...I can exp-"Chris was cut off,"Oh, what is their to explain!Ha!You pag-ibig your show,career and your money madami than me!"The redhead yelled so loud that Gwen and Trent heard it on their way to spain(Love Bites). "Izzy,Quiet!" Chris Said.


"Why should I listen to you?!You don't even care about me!!!"Izzy, that's not true-" Then the redhead interuppted "Oh save it!I can't belive it but Chris Mclean*tears gather in eyes*were through!"(walks away crying)

CHRIS'S POV(thinking):

I can't belive it!YOU IDIOT!you just Nawawala the most precius(is that how you spell it?) girl in the universe! Who's screaming?*like 60 Chris fangirls running toward him*HOLY FUCK! *starts running*......

Wait this story isn;t done yet!Mwhahahahaa!

P.S. I'm one of those fangirls*He's the segundo most hottest guy there, Duncan's the first!*:D
posted by TDIfangirl
"PUDDING!!!" Lindsay stormed in the kitchen. "C'mon, Kyle!!!" Chris stepped in the kitchen. "Stop it, Lindsay, your'e scaring people." He sighed, as there were actually no "people". Besides, he had other things to worry about.
Confessing his feelings for a certain redhead.

Eva bit into her mani mantikilya sandwich. "Who doeshen't like mani butter?" she asked her friends. "Um, my mom." Noah answered. "I, on the other hand, perfer turkey." He turned to Izzy. "How about you, Izzy?" "I like mani mantikilya too, but with jelly." She explained.
"What are you thinking about?"
"Is it a guy?"
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posted by superDUNCANfan
Ok i talked with vmp_grl_123 and this is a stiry we came up with:

"Hey Izzy"Chris sinabi to the redhead."Oh..Hi chris"Izzy replied giving him a kiss. "I pag-ibig you"Izzy sinabi "I pag-ibig you too."Chris replied then they where making-out when there was a flash of light the susunod araw in the news paper there was a picture of them kissing. The poparzii were all over it one of them asked Chris"Do you like her?" he said"What?!?! It wasn't....It was her Idea to go out it not mine!"

'It was her idea to go out not mine' those word echoed in her head then she ran off..... crying"Izzy, wait! GOD DAMN IT!"Chris...
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posted by TDIfangirl
There was a festival held on the last araw of school aat Gallagher High. It was the 12th graders who had the most fun(after all, they WERE graduating). This is what exactly what Izzy Gray thought as she trotted down the field, chatting happily with Noah and Eva. "What do you wanna buy next?" Eva asked. "NO madami SNOW CONES!!" Noah and Izzy sinabi together.
"C'mon, Ezekiel likes snow cones."
"Is that the same exuse you've been giving for everytime you've bought another snow cone?"
" Where'd Izzy go?"
"I dunno..."

"This'll be for Gwen." Trent Smith smiled as he carried a stuffed number 9. Duncan...
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posted by TDIfangirl
“Okay, so how long do I have to carry this girl?” Kyle Morton asked. “You sinabi you were the strong kind of drunk, so you have to carry her home!” Chris McClain replied. “Please, Kyle..I really care about her, and it was my fault this happened. Please.”
“Oh, alright! But you owe me!”
Kyle grunted as he raised Izzy Gray in a piggyback, slowly walking her home. Chris followed after him, staring at her unconscious body. I am so sorry, Izzy…
“Should we be doing this?” Izzy asked, unsure of what would happen. “Um, you guys learned from your mistake before, so it’s...
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posted by emisa123
Izzy: You're the one that killed him!?

Abbie: That would be me.

Izzy: And you're just okay with that!?

Abbie: Yeah.

Izzy: *Gets really angry* WTF is you're problem?????!!!?? !@$!&*#$! *Starts to strangle Abbie*

*Izzy wakes up.*

Izzy: Wow! WTF is with these dreams? Oh well. I better get to Abbie's house.

*Izzy goes to Abbie's house.*

Abbie: Yeah. Was kinda mean of him. To get me pregnant and then just run off.

Izzy: He ran away?

Abbie: Yeah.

Izzy: Well, I guess we can't do anything about that.

Abbie: What do you mean?

Izzy: Well, for one thing, he's dead

Abbie: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Izzy: What do you mean?

Abbie: Oh you'll see...

To be continued
posted by TDIfangirl
"Welcome to Total Drama Channel! Where we find out madami than just the sweat n'tears of Total Drama Island!! I'm your host, but I won't tell you mah name...that would be cheating!!" The audience laughed. "Okay, Dramamites, today we have an interview with Izzy, the Psycho Hose Beast of TDI!" At the sound of her name, Izzy swung on a vine, screaming all the way. "Typical." Muttered the camera man. The host motioned for him to be quiet. "Okay, now we've picked the interviewer, here he is!"

"Do I have to do this?" Chris McClain asked, settling his outfit. "Because our last interviwer was in a car...
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posted by TDIfangirl
How did I get here?
I turned around and there you were
Didn't think twice
Or rationalize
But somehow I knew
That there was madami than just chemistry
I mean I knew you were kinda of in to me
But I figured it's too good to be true

"Izzy, wait! It's raining!" uri ng bulaklak Floral called, running outside with Heather Thorn, Chris McClain, and Noah Stevenson following behind. Se ran to grab her, but it was too late. Lightning sparked from the sky, striking Izzy and sending her body tumbling down the roof. "Izzy!" Heather ran down the stairs with the others.

I sinabi pinch me
Where's the catch this time
Can't find a...
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i acted stupid and shook her like she had only fell asleep. "mom.mommy.wake up!" i sinabi with tears in my eyes, laughing. i jumped when the doors brusted open(now i know how people flet when i did that).
people with blue suites ran in and took out a tool. they were followed sa pamamagitan ng a man with a blue botton shrit. he ran over to hug me. i couldn't see his face because it was a blur. "it's alright iz. i'm here." he said. was it my uncal Danny? my brother leo? no. leo's was too short. and uncal Danny's in manhattan. all i know is that he had short black wavey hair, and a necklace. the discription of...
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posted by TDIfangirl
~Izzy's POV~
There could be romance everywhere, Noah told me. For every person, for every occasion, and it could happen almost anywhere. It was hard to understand this, but I finally realized it when I sat with him.

"Izzy? Izzy? Izzy! IZZY!" I woke up from my sleep. He was staring at me. Chris looked over at me with his eyes burning with concern. I could tell I was blushing. "I'm fine, in case you wanted to know..." I said. "I'm glad." Chris said, smiling.
"Do you wanna...swing for some doughnuts?"
He stood aside so I could walk out Topez99's RV. For some reason, he decided to put his arm...
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posted by TDIfangirl
"Dammit! Why won't this thing open??!" Izzy Gray sinabi as she twisted and turned the lid on the mani mantikilya can she held. Eva Karrizi stood behind her, watching her with hungry eyes. "Hurry up, Izzy! My jelly's getting lonley!" She held up the can of ubas concord jelly. At the same moment, Lindsay Morris was dragging Chris McClain sa pamamagitan ng the arm to the cafeteria. "Trust me, Chip. I KNOW they're making puding today. It's our only chance to get some before the line starts!" Chris nodded.
"Chip? Are you listening to me?"
"Yeah. Just checking."
Lindsay looked around for a moment until she...
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11. The Blue Notebook
Izzy never let anyone touch the blue notebook she kept safley on her desk. Nobody asked why she gazed in it during lunch, a blush spread across her face. It was only that uri ng bulaklak Floral discovered it slumped across the chair Izzy sat in. She picked it up and began to slowly read it. uri ng bulaklak found herself grinning at the kahel and gray colored puso stickers, drawings, pictures, and madami of the redhead and a certain reailty TV host has-been.
12. Milkshakes
"Have fun!" Called Amara Gray as she waved at her daughter. Izzy smiled and met up with her mga kaibigan Noah and Eva. But what...
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i was running to the hospital as fast as i could with my scooter.
i had no time for stoping. it was a matter of life or death. it was my brithday and...

my mother is dying...

"I'm coming mom!" i yelled as soon as i saw the hospital. i brust the door open. "izzy!" my godmother called. "hi lucy." i said. my godmother ran to me and gave me a hug. followed sa pamamagitan ng my brother. and they just left me. i think they already saw her.i ran to a woman in a uniform. "please, can you tell me were room 510

(the petsa for mother's day) is? my mother is here." i explaind. "the segundo floor, first door on the right."...
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