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(In the hospital and raven and robin are waiting for someone to help) Robin: Raven What did he do in there? Raven: He destroyed my leter to myself. Robin: Im sorry. (he axidentaly pushes on ravens leg) Raven: (cries in pain)Robin! Robin: Im sorry!
Nurse: Raven! Dr.S. Is waiting for you! Robin: lets go. Raven: Could you help? Robin: Sure (Robin carries her like a baby to the Operating Room and lays her down an an operating table) Dr.S.? Dr.S.: Yes I am Ready, Now Raven This will pinch just a little bit (He injects anastetic, a substance that can make you numb, knock you out and kill you sa pamamagitan ng stoping...
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Last time Slade was chasing me and trapped me in an alley. He told me I had power that could destroy the world. At that moment Robin and his friends, who I have no idea who they are, came and are now fighting him.

It was a harsh fight. Slade got hit a couple times, then Robin got hit a couple times. The green kid changed shape, he literally changed shape, into a T-Rex. He chased Slade out of the alley than the half robot dude hit him hard enough to send him flying down the street. That was the end of the fight for now.
"You alright?" asked the green kid.
"F..fine. T..thanks." I told him.
"So whats...
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This is my listahan featuring my 20 favourite couples (canon/fanon) in Teen Titans..

20.Jericho and Terra

19.Kyd Wykkyd and Angel

18.Gizmo and Jinx

17.Robin and Terra

16.Herald and Bumblebee

15.Cyborg and Bumblebee

14.Fang and Kitten

13.Speedy and Cheshire

12.Mammoth and Jinx

11.Kid Flash and Raven

10.Jericho and Raven

9.Jericho and Kole

8.Slade and Terra

7.Speedy and Raven

6.Robin and Starfire

5.Aqualad and Raven

4.Kid Flash and Jinx

3.Speedy and Aqualad

2.Slade and Raven

1.Beast Boy and Raven
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It was just another beautiful summer araw in the Hall, the Justice Leaguers had gone out, 18 taon old Dick Richard John Grayson was put in charge until they came home, but when they came back, they saw a huge mess & blamed the mess on him.

the poor boy knew that he didn’t make this mess & tried to protest his innocence, but the Leaguers didn’t believe him, Dick was spanked sa pamamagitan ng Bruce as punishment & the young Grayson boy started to cry loudly.

but meanwhile in Dick’s 3 brothers’ room, Jason, Tim & Damian were playing Go isda when suddenly, they heard their oldest brother...
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 Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go.
Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go.
Terra Strong voice actor/actress who played Raven sinabi that the company will bring back Teen Titans Original for a season 6. But a catch is people have to support Teen Titans Go Movie. Meaning it has to do well in the Movie theaters. Or no original Teen Titans season 6 will not happen. Terra Strong sinabi that is what the company told her. So support Teen Titans Go to the pelikula in the Movie theater. I don't see why people wanna hate on Teen Titans Go. I was at Bookman's store before looking at the comics. And they had Teen Titans mga sanggol comics. When they were babies. And comics called Titans...
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