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mga kaibigan are the sunshine of life<3

Do you know what's my paborito crime? Stealing your heart.

You're like a melody that I can't get out of my head, but you're not like a melody from a bad song. You're like the melody from the best song ever.

You are the brighest bituin that twinkles in my life...

mga rosas are red, kulay-lila are blue, all I do is think of you

Hope you like it
take care of you Tejas
you are awesome
Saranghae Kathi<3333333
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 I pag-ibig u..sweet heart:*
I love u..sweet heart:*

(✿◠‿◠) Hey: ) ,Tejo!..,Here is something for you:D!!~
Well.,I m really poor at Pagsulat articles:P..,But here I try!!!:)

Umm..,how to start?:P lol
First of all.,I am really really really lucky to have you as my Best friend!!

I m Pagsulat this artikulo because you are very now-a-days because you are missing your best friends!!
So..,here’s a try made sa pamamagitan ng me to bring a smile on your face!!:)

You came into my life ,along with carrying sooo many happiness!!:D

You were the first friend..,for whom I had cried many time,as u always scared me that You will leave this site!!
You know.,what happened one...
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