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 Liz Femi
Liz Femi
If you haven’t yet binged on the new Netflix series link -- you need to catch up.

This ironic romantic comedy takes a most unromantic view of pag-ibig was created, written and executive produced sa pamamagitan ng Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin and Paul Rust.

The 10-episode season focuses on two characters: Gus (played sa pamamagitan ng Rust) and Mickey ('Community' bituin Gillian Jacobs), each who are destructive, addictive, as well as Nawawala in their own ways.

Actress link joins the cast of supporting characters that bring just the right amount of funny and serious into the mix.

I had a chance to ask Liz some tanong about working on this new show.

Tell us about your role in ‘Love’.

LIZ: I play “Liz,” an ambitious writer’s assistant who has strong feelings about Gus’s presence in the “Wichita” writers’ room.

How was it to work in a Judd Apatow project?

LIZ: A blast from beginning to end. The set's culture is hardworking yet laid-back. Judd Apatow is the mastermind behind many contemporary comedy classics, so I was thrilled to work with him and other artists I’ve admired for years, including Gillian Jacobs, Tracie Thoms, and Paul Rust. Judd, Leslie Arfin and Paul Rust have created another comedic gem that will resonate with many audiences.

We hear you worked with Tracie Thoms – how was that?

LIZ: I adore Tracie Thoms. She is fabulous in both comedy and drama. ‘LOVE’ is actually the segundo project Tracie and I worked on together. The first was 'SEND ME', a Sci-Fi web series co-produced sa pamamagitan ng True Distance films and BET. I was thrilled to reunite with Tracie on 'LOVE', and I thoroughly enjoy her role as the hilarious no-nonsense showrunner Susan Cheryl. Susan’s everything “Liz” strives ruthlessly to be.

What would you consider your characters ‘best’ quality? And their ‘worst’?

LIZ: Her ambition…and her ambition.

Any interesting stories from the set you can share with us?

LIZ: Nothing stands out in particular. I guess when I met Judd Apatow for the first time. He came in the room and stood in the corner trying to figure out the scene. I looked up, saw him and thought, “Oh, Judd Apatow. Judd Apatow in shorts.” I'm not sure why that stood out to me. I mean it was freaking summer.

What’s the biggest lesson you learned from working on this project?

LIZ: It reinforced for me the idea that comedy comes from deep truth. I think when you trust that idea and yourself, you have way madami fun.

And, now just for fun:

Who’s your paborito actor/actress?

LIZ: Currently, it’s the pag-ibig child of Steve Carrell and Kate Winslet. And Julia Louis-Dreyfus. And Don Cheadle. Okay, I can’t.

What role from the past do you wish you could have played?
LIZ: One of the soldiers in 'Tropic Thunder'.

Favorite movie or TV ipakita from your childhood.
LIZ: It’s a tie between 'Trading Places' and 'Coming To America'. I loved anything with Eddie Murphy.

Tell us one thing that would surprise our readers to learn about you.
LIZ: I moonlight as a bookmaker. I’m also a skilled poultry handler.

How can fans keep up with you?
LIZ: Twitter’s great. link

Thanks Liz!
 Paul Rust and Liz Femi on-set: 'Love'
Paul Rust and Liz Femi on-set: 'Love'
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