Actress Drea King
Ever wonder what it’s like to face harrowing confrontations with ghosts and spirits? How would you react to a terrifying encounter with the supernatural? This is exactly what the popular re-enactment series Paranormal Survivor is all about.

Actress Drea King recently appeared in an all-new episode of the spooky series which airs on Destination America (U.S.) and other networks around the globe.

Previously, Drea has been grabbing attention for her roles in award-winning projects in North American and the U.K., including A New Design, winner of the Bare Buto Festival ‘Best Foreign Picture’. She also appeared in the feature film turned web series Almost A Turkish Soap Opera, which earned awards at LA Web Series Fest, The Indie Fest and YouTube’s ‘Gold Medal of Honor’. She has been part of films screened at the Marche de Cannes, Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, Sarasota Florida, Bahamas International, Sacramento California, and Victoria BC Film Festivals.

Drea King recently took time to answer a few questions:

For anyone who hasn’t seen the episode yet, tell us about Paranormal Survivor.

DREA KING: Paranormal Survivor is a popular supernatural series that airs on Destination America. I sumali for Season 3 in the episode “Bringing In Evil” as ‘Nancy’. Over the course of the episode, my character experiences often terrifying and harrowing confrontations with spirits in this dramatic recreation.

How was it to work on this popular re-enactment show?

DK: When I booked the job, I had no idea that there were over 60 million viewers in North America who tune in each week to watch these frightening real-life experiences. I felt honored and privileged to be selected as part of the cast to bring this true story to life on screen. It was fun, fast-paced and the Director, John Griffith, and his team was the ultimate professionals.

Any behind-the-scenes stories worth sharing?

DK: As we filmed out in the countryside on a cold fall night, I think the other cast members and I were expecting something spooky to happen during filming. We were fortunate that there were not any inexplicable visitors upon us that eve.

Were you a tagahanga of the ipakita yourself before landing the role?

DK: Absolutely! I had seen the ipakita before I even knew they were auditioning. I find real-life paranormal stories so fascinating as it’s mahirap paniwalaan these experiences actually happen to people. I get just as frightened watching episodes as anyone else out there.

And, now just for fun:

Who’s your paborito actor/actress?

DK: Ohhh – there are so many great actors and mga aktres out there who share their authenticity and vulnerability with us. Off the tuktok of my head, I pag-ibig watching Edward Norton and Stellen Skarsgård. And as for actresses, I really pag-ibig watching Sally Field, Susan Sarandon and Alicia Vikander.

What role from the past do you wish you could have played?
DK: I really loved the role of Marge Gunderson played sa pamamagitan ng Frances McDormand in Fargo. She was such a strong, intelligent character with an unwavering wit.

Favorite movie or TV ipakita from your childhood.
DK: Dead Poets Society with Robin Williams.

Tell us one thing that would surprise our readers to learn about you.
DK: At 17-years old I packed my bags and went to live in France for a year. I lived with a beautiful French family in the countryside of Normandy and went to their French Lycée à Vernon for a year. I am still in touch with some of my classmates and still adore the time I spent there.

How can fans keep up with you?
DK: They can keep up with me on my website link
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