Stephanie Sanchez
The latest real crime story to get a reboot as a network telebisyon is “Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders”. And, if you thought the original murder case of Lyle and Erik Menendez was riveting, then you’re going to pag-ibig this show.

Actress Stephanie Sanchez steps into the all-star cast as ‘Linda’, the assistant to Defense Attorney Leslie Abramson, portrayed sa pamamagitan ng Edie Falco.

Stephanie has appeared on numerous TV shows, including "Jane the Virgin," "Life in Pieces," "Grey’s Anatomy," "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," "Shooter" and most recently the new CW military drama, "Valor."

A California native, Stephanie earned a degree from the unibersidad of Notre Dame and was part of the Navy ROTC program. Afterwards, she was commissioned an Officer in the U.S. Navy and was twice awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for her anti-terrorist efforts while deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Stephanie Sanchez recently took some time to answer some tanong about her latest role:

What role do you play in “Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders”?

STEPHANIE: I play “Linda”, Leslie Abramson’s (Edie Falco's) legal assistant. My character first shows up in episode 4 and then later in episode 7. I help set up some revelations for Leslie.

Any fun stories about working with Edie Falco?

STEPHANIE: I first met Edie walking into the makeup trailer behind her. She had her skull takip on (prepped for her Leslie Abramson wig). I sinabi “Oh I didn't recognize you. I’m your assistant—[she looked at me perplexed, so I added] . . . Leslie’s assistant.” We had a little laugh about how for a segundo she thought someone had bestowed her, Edie, with a personal assistant. She immediately fired off “Go get me a cup of coffee!” She actually pointed at the coffee machine, so maybe she was serious ;).

Edie is really fun to work with. So playful and grounded. She is very focused on her job and knowing her lines and everything, but she has fun with it. In one rehearsal director, Michael Pressman was kind of barking at her like an old timey boss and she broke into a 1940’s fast-talking gangster type, and turned her pen into a big cigar that she bit down on to button the scene. She gave us all a good laugh. She was very gracious.

What would you consider your characters ‘best’ quality? And their ‘worst’?

STEPHANIE: Linda's best quality is that she’s super fastidious, on-the-ball. Worst . . . she doesn’t have a life outside of work. That part of her is not something viewers will see on the show. It’s just me doing my actor homework.

Have you ever worked on a true-crime project before and how does that affect your performance?

STEPHANIE: This is my first time working on a true-crime project. Historical drama is some of my paborito genre to watch and work on, so I am super excited to be a part of this project. I pag-ibig re-visiting real life events and learning about them all over again, and sometimes for the first time. But the fact that this is a story about a true-crime, a double murder at that, raises the stakes. It really makes you think about what you personally believe, who’s side you’re on. And ultimately, you have to understand the point of view of your character, whether you personally agree with them or not. Fortunately for me, my sympathies lie with the brothers and the defense. So that makes it a little easier for me as an actor. They picked the right gal to work on this case.

Did working on this project change your mind about the case or the verdict?

STEPHANIE: It made me take a personal interest. Back when this case was in court, I was a kid, and not really interested in a murder trial. But being reminded of it recently, I was immediately intrigued and fascinated sa pamamagitan ng it. I think as an adult and as an actor, I am much madami curious about the human condition and why people do what they do. I want to understand people. The fact that two Beverly Hills boys shot and killed their parents, I think, is enough to raise some brows. And I was definitely interested to know more. I read about the case and watched documentaries and interviews. Lyle and Erik's testimonies were the most moving. I saw them transform from seemingly cocky young adults into scared little boys right there on the stand. That intense display of shame and trauma—I think is evidence of the truth behind their words. I know it doesn’t justify murder, but I really sympathize with them and what they went through. They had carried big awful secrets for their entire lives. How tortured they must have been to make the decision they made. As far as the verdict goes, yeah I wish they had the opportunity for parole and that they could see each other again. Life in prison is a long sentence. And the brothers have not seen each other for 17 years. They were sent to separate prisons. I believe they needed time to confront what they had done, but in their case, I think they deserve a segundo chance at life.

What made you want to become an actress?

STEPHANIE: I always liked attention and making people laugh. But the pagganap bug bit when I was 12. I was obsessed with this teen actor, Jonathan Brandis. I don’t know why, but I really connected to him. He was playful and very mature for his age. I wanted to do what he did. I wanted to be in that world of play and fantasy.

Another key moment was seeing Rent on Broadway. My boyfriend at the time asked me if I enjoyed the show. And I sinabi “I want to be in it.” It wasn’t enough to watch. I wanted to jump out of my upuan and celebrate with the cast. I felt it intensely and I felt it deeply.

And, now just for fun:

Who’s your paborito actor/actress?

STEPHANIE: Anybody that knows me, knows the answer to this one . . . Benedict Cumberbatch! sa pamamagitan ng a land slide! He is IT for me! I actually flew to London to watch him play “Hamlet” on stage. He is such a master of his craft. He brings such a remarkable mix of intelligence and vulnerability to his work.

What role from the past do you wish you could have played?

STEPHANIE: Oh man. Kate Winslet’s part in "Titanic." Meg Ryan’s character in "Sleepless in Seattle." Yeah I am a romantic! The mooshiest! Marshmellow Sanchez. I would pag-ibig to do a movie like "Hidden Figures," a movie about women who are breaking through barriers. I pag-ibig stories of triumph in the face of adversity. I also pag-ibig period stuff and "Hidden Figures" is both!!

Favorite movie or TV ipakita from your childhood.

STEPHANIE: Movie: "Splash" with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah—It’s magical! So romantic!
TV: "I pag-ibig Lucy"—My siblings and I would kill many hours watching it. In that way, Lucille Ball was like a segundo parent to me. She was very influential. I loved her comedic, loony flair and I think I actually took on many of her mannerisms.

Tell us one thing that would surprise our readers to learn about you.

STEPHANIE: I drove an 800 foot-long, 40,000 ton warship around the world and through the Persian Gulf while serving as an officer in the U.S. Navy.

How can fans keep up with you?

STEPHANIE: website: StephanieMauraSanchez link
Twitter: @sanchypie link / Instagram: @soysanch link
FB: link

Thanks, Stephanie -- we can't wait to see where your ship sails to next!

Stephanie Sanchez & Edie Falco - on-set