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MultiFandom ll Telephone ll

OTH Fake Movie Trailer - WHat Comes susunod

The Vampire Diaries - Everything Will Change (With 2x06)

Angel Cast (Early Seasons) - If Today Was your Last araw

Nawawala Ensemble - We'll Be Better off Someday

Bleep ($#*!) My Dad Says - Trailer

Good girls go bad - Clark/Lana/Chloe/Lois

The Vampire Diaries Opening - mga kaibigan Style

'Gilmore Girls' Reunion 2010

'Will & Grace' Reunion

We R Who We R

Jenny Humphrey - Only Human

Sylar's bringing sexy back

The Vampire Diaries season 2 Episode 6 "Plan B" promo(1)

The 2010 Vampire Diaries New York Comic Con Teaser promo

In My Veins || Multi-fandom finales

Multibrothers - can you hear my call

''So What? I'm still a rockstar!'' (Kick asno Females;Collab)

don't tell me if i'm dying - Chris Miles

Katherine Pierce - Maneater

Caroline Forbes || Disturbia

Caroline Forbes \\ Going Under { 205 } { Spoilers Alert }

Caroline Forbes- Move, asong babae

shining down on you.. (sam/dean)

"you and me? we're just different.." ; (john/sam ; supernatural)

Caroline Forbes; SHE'S A reyna

Pretty Little Liars // Comes & Goes

...that girl's a genius (caroline forbes)

the great escape (friends)


Futuristic Lover Chuck and Blair

My Sweet Prince II Dean & Bobby John {Supernatural 6x02}

hit me baby one madami time ; (dean/sam ; 6X02)

Smallville - The Beginning of the End

Criminal Minds - Hero

Smallville 10.02 "Shield" Promo

MEGA TV - TO ΝΗΣΙ trailer

One puno Hill- Gotta Be Somebody • COLLAB w/STEFANI (sTeFaNi23195)

brooke&haley | mend your puso

liam & annie | you're so hypnotising

{Annie & Liam} || You're All That I'm Asking For || 90210 (dedicated to Sara*) you're the only one I run to (Annie;Liam)

Liam & Annie | Be the one [vidlet]

The Vampire Diaries 1x22 Cast - Too Late

Damon & Elena - Shiver (Vampire Diaries)

Damon & Elena - Addicted (Vampire Diaries)

Smallville: Lazarus (10x01)

Multifandom // Cosmic pag-ibig

The vampire diaries 2x02+ ; Kick asno

[q] - hard

• envy

Would You Kill to Prove You're Right? ; Nikita

A Million Ways To Be Cruel

Caroline Forbes ♥ Teeth {02x02

Caroline Forbes || Animal I have become

Caroline Forbes 2x02 || Already Over

TVD // Caroline Forbes // do you feel cold and Nawawala in desperation....

Caroline Forbes [Vampire Diaries] | For Your Entertainment

Caroline Forbes | Little House

Caroline Forbes || I'm a monster

SPN Tribute || After All These Years

[Pretty Little Liars Cast] - Not Alone

Caroline Forbes - Disturbia

Quinn Fabray|| Impossible

Broken Wings || Dean Winchester Collab

i will break ll tvd

Dance Inside Collab

*SPOILERS* Rizzoli and Isles; Season Finale Ending

stuck to you; multi-friendship [MEP]

don't give a hoot about what you think

you're the light in my sky.

Smallville-Extended Promo Season 10

Shake it Multifandom

Six Billion Souls ♥The Vampire Diaries♥

Smallville -- Suit prebiyu

Smallville -- LX6 prebiyu

Smallville - tumawid prebiyu

Multifandom When i look at you


Katherine Pierce; She's a Genius [TVD 2X01]

Beside you - [Grey's Anatomy]

Woods - Damon Salvatore

Multifandom (Your guardian angel)

Katherine Pierce | Won't Back Down

Clark Kent - Journey

Everybody Loves Me // Male Character Collab

True Blood & The Vampire Diaries // Teeth

True Blood: Nothing satisfies me but your soul;; [Eric Northman]

Eric Northman - Sweeter than Heaven, Hotter than Hell

Peyton Sawyer: An Inspiration

bad disease ll peyton sawyer

Peyton Sawyer - Maybe this time

Brooke & Peyton - Wonderwall

Brooke&Haley ~ Use somebody

One puno burol | Don't Stop Believin'

Brooke and Haley // I'll Be There For You - HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAITIE!!!

Waiting For Yesterday :: Brooke/Damo


nalugod - Season 8 Trailer

nalugod trailer season 7