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Lizzie Mcguire - Bunkies

That's So Raven - Mind Your Own Business

That's So Raven - Stark Raven Mad

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody - The Fairest of Them All

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody - Tiptonline

Hogan's bayani

Hogan's bayani

Hogan's bayani

Hogan's bayani

Multi Fandom - Stolen

That's So Raven - WHEN 6021 MET 4267

As The kampanilya Rings - The Dance

As The kampanilya Rings - bulaklak araw

As the kampanilya Rings .:Slacker Girl:.

Cory in the house - That's so in the house

hannah montana - Lilly's Mom has Got it goin on

Sad Moments in Roswell

Buto - 414 - The Hero in the Hold

Mike super short ipakita

New TV Show: The Listener

Multi-fandom - Breath

kulay-rosas The Series: Speed Dating Kills 2 (s3 | e1)

This is Halloween (SPN, DW, Charmed, GW, and Moonlight)

Multifandom - A Miracle


Best of...Laughs

Multi-Fandom - Feel This

Multifadom - Chasing Cars

Multi-fandom - Any Other World

mga kaibigan - pag-ibig Today

Multi-Fandom Couples - uy Stephen

Multi-Fandom - Who Likes Who

Merry pasko - Tv Shows

That '70s Show: Eric and Donna

Multifandom - Mad World

Brooke/Sam/Rory - Notice Me

Silly Songs!

Crossover (Supernatural, Heroes, Doctor Who, & Torchwood)

AXN Asia "Too Sexy" Promo

How To Save A Life (A House MD/X-Files Crossover)

Buto - 411 - The Bone that Blew

kulay-rosas The Series: The Harder They Fall (s2 | e10)

Buto - 410 - The Passenger in the hurno

kulay-rosas The Series: The Professional (s2 | e9)

Buto - 409 - The Con Man in the Meth Lab

New Trailer For Joss Whedon's DOLLHOUSE starring Eliza Dushku

Teaser for the segundo season of DAMAGES

kulay-rosas The Series: Knockin' On Heaven's Door (s2 | e8)

TV Shows - Everybody Dance Now

kulay-rosas The Series: Educating Rita (s2 | e7)

Gossip Girl - All Chuck and Blair's scenes 2x07

Can't Hardly Wait (Movie) Trailer: Degrassi Style

kulay-rosas The Series: Rebel Without Ecru (s2 | e6)

soro November Sweeps Promo

DH & GA: "Here I Go Again" - Mamma Mia!

Sing A Simple Song

extraordinary (multi-fandom)

Gimme Gimme Gimme - Multifandom

kulay-rosas The Series: Speed Dating Kills (s2 | e4)

lying (multifandom) OTH, HEROES, GG, LOST, 90210

kulay-rosas The Series: pato pato gansa (s2 | e5)

kulay-rosas The Series: Viva Las Vegans (s2 | e3)

Multifandom - How Can I Not pag-ibig You

All That I Am - multi-fandom

Multi Fandom - Because the night

What's my line? - 60th Emmy

2006 Emmys Opening- BEST OPENING EVER!

Tv Weddings Montage

TV Sad Moments

Reign Of pag-ibig - Multi-Fandom

Gossip Girl - Take Me Away

Multi-Fandom Sad Moments

Video Contest!! - TV Couples - [ENTER]

Hallelujah - Multi-Fandom

Movie and TV kisses

Lois and Clark - Something Stupid

The Secret Life of the American Teenager episode 5

Futurama - Bender´s Game Sneak Peek

ilipat Your Feet (Multifandom)

Happy Feet-Random Multifandom

Multi-Fandom - Fade Into You

playground lover - multi-fandom

NBC "Time to Chime" Fall 2008 Promo

The CW Fall 2008 Promo

soro 2008 Fall Season Promo

NBC Make Some Noise

Gossip girl season 1 bloopers

best brucas scenes/one puno burol

Fez taking the green card exam - That 70's ipakita

Carnivale Opening Credits

Deadwood Opening Credits

Dead Like Me Opening Credits

Veronica Mars Opening Credits

Big pag-ibig Opening Credits

Weeds Opening Credits

Secret Diary of a Call Girl Opening Credits

The Tudors Opening Credits

Mad Men Opening Credits

TV Couples - Our Song

ABC Full Promo Fall 2008