Ian turned white as Natalie asked him the tanong he hoped he would never have to answer. "What is sex" Natalie asked with curiosity "um..um..well" Ian sinabi scratching the back of his head thinking of what he should say when he came up with an idea.
Meanwhile at the Cahill's house
*ringing* "Dan get the phone" Amy screamed from her bedroom. "Yellow who is it" Dan sinabi paying attention to his handheld game "um um um Dan is Amy there" Ian sinabi sounding horrified " Amy its your boyfriend" "He is not my boyfriend"!"What do you want Ian" Amy sighed "can you both come over I'm scared" "of what" "Natalie asked me something" "what" Amy heard Natalie asking him something "please just hurry Amy". Amy and Dan had gone a vacation in New York for the summer and so had Ian and Natalie they all had plan to meet up some time while they were all there since they all had not seen each other since the taon before when the clue hunt had ended so Amy and Dan were on the way to the hotel that Ian and Natalie were staying at. Ian jerked open the door with one knock he looked panicked and scared to death " thank god you have to say something to her tell her to be quite" Natalie stood behind him confused looking "what happened" Amy asked confused looking also " I asked him what sex is that's all" Natalie said. Amy took this into thought for a moment than died laughing " that was the big emergency she is a 12 years old what did you expect her to ask are mga kabayong may sungay real come on" Amy blurted out still laughing " it is not funny i am officially traumatized for life thank you" Amy took Natalie sa pamamagitan ng the arm and sinabi " I honestly have never told anyone about that but with your brothers permission i can try" " fine you try but dont lit this become a everyday thing do you understand me Natalie Kabra" Ian sinabi still shook up. "Wait a minuto if you didn't tell Dan about it than who did" Ian sinabi wonderingly "well um he hasn't asked so i figured until he asks why bother him" Amy sinabi guiltily before he could say another word she pulled Natalie into another room to talk to her. Dan was in his own world staring mindlessly into his game once again as he made his way to the sopa in the middle of the room sitting down the same time as Ian.