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 Claire Danes as the Marvelous Ms. Marvel
Claire Danes as the Marvelous Ms. Marvel
As Carol Susan Jane Danvers, CIA agent, we have the wonderful actress, Claire Danes. Claire is best known for her lead role in the spy thriller, Homeland. Her character, Carrie Mathison is madami or less the bipolar Carol Danvers. Claire also has shown as a knack for scifi, especially in the 2007 Matthew Vaughn directed Stardust. Claire is an award winning actress who fits Carol’s age, 34, and has a long resume of amazing roles, even when the movie is crappy. Claire Danes is also very sunny and humorous, a great part of what Carol Danvers is like. Unlike other female actress who have been cast...
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Chapter 4 Nikki
I struggled as my brother was circled around mortals armed “No! Let him alone!” The mortal Agent burol had the device in her hands from earlier. She pressed the trigger and that noise started again. It probably wasn’t going to me but it was still affecting me a little bit because it was affecting Loki. We feel every others pain, we’re twins. My body was in pain again. Then I saw the mortal Shield military being thrown to the pader and Agent burol held in the air sa pamamagitan ng my older cousin Nikki’s using her telekinesis powers. Nikki was wearing a long sleeved black dyaket that...
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