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posted by KHlover98
After I got home, I decided to go to sleep so I could think about the day's strange events.
[cue music: The Price of Freedom, FFCC]
As soon as I closed my eyes, I opened them to find myself on a stained glass window. I tried to speak but couldn't seem to then pinched myself and felt it. I wasn't dreaming. Three pillars appeared and a sword, shield, and a magical staff appeared on them.
'A power sleeps within you. You can give it form if you manifest it. Choose well.' a voice sinabi in my head. I went to the sword and noticed the 3 bilog symbol in its pommel.
'The sword of strength. The power...
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Karen's Pov
I sat in my fourth block class which was English 11 and the teacher was Mr. Gee. I sighed and stood up for a tissue until a light was seen coming from my hand and a strange, epic looking weapon appeared.
[cue music: The Thirteenth Struggle]
"What the....." It transformed into a Death Metal gitara then into a Metal version of the Oblivion keyblade. I looked at one of the people I hated and grinned.
"Oh look at this..I got a shouldn't mess with me!!!" A few strange creatures appeared and I gulped.
"I swear I've seen this before" I saw a few creatures attack and kill...
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I was sitting in my 4th block math class doodling when something moved behind the teacher, Mr. Granquest. Everyone's heads went up at that. My mga kaibigan Eric, Jess, and Myra looked at me.
"What the heck is that?" Eric whispered. Jess and Myra were staring at it. Myra turned to me.
"I have no idea. Faith, do you know?" I didn't answer as it climbed onto a desk. It had a black body, yellow eyes, a mean smile, and antennas on its head.
"I swear I've seen that before somewhere... I just can't remember where." I replied. All seemed well until the weird "shadow", as I was going to call it, ripped...
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