nagyelo is a Disney animated film that's insanely popular. This review is about the things in nagyelo that I don't like and the things that I enjoy.

Since I like being optimistic the cons comes first so I can ilipat on to the good stuff.


* reyna Elsa is a pretty uninteresting character. I know that several people pag-ibig her and that's totally cool, but she doesn't appeal to me. Because her scenes are so dramatic I didn't have fun when she was around. She has perfectly good reasons to be serious, but it hurts the fun of the film. However I do really like her fight scene with the Duke of Weselton's henchmen. I hope that she's better in the sequel.

* Olaf is a bad comedy relief. Olaf's my least paborito character in the film. Olaf was barley relevant to any of the story lines. I'm not a big tagahanga of any of Olaf's jokes.

* Anna and Elsa's parents getting killed. Why did the writers have that scene? It's a mood killer.


* Anna and Kristoff are entertaining characters. Anna and Kristoff's scenes together are funny. The 2 of them are amusing in some scenes. Anna's enjoyably silly and Kristoff's pretty corny too.

* Prince Hans is a pretty good villain. Although I like the nice person that he pretended to be he works well as a smart and charismatic villain.

* The Duke of Weselton is my paborito character in the film. He's a cool and entertaining villain. He's so absurd and cartoonish that he makes the film madami fun. Plus Alan Tudyk did a good job at voicing him.

* The animation is good. The characters have unique and cool looking designs.


The film has some big problems, but the film is fun enough to be worth checking out. However I want the sequel to be better.