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posted by dragonsmemory
Since I made the choice to put off the rest of the story "In The Background," I've started thinking about fanfics based off of it. Yep, fanfics off a fanfic. The first one's going in Harry Potter.
Most of these will be post-DH (based on canon-time). I'lltry to be careful of spoilers, but I will usually assume you all know the basic storyline.
If that ISN'T the cse, sa pamamagitan ng some weird twist of fate, just avoid the fanfics altogether.
Oh, one last thing. They're all one-shots. Some are first person, some are third. So far, they're all from Hailey's POV. Of course, if you have an idea for a one-shot, but need madami information on Hailey, just let me know!
Big news, everyone! The Harry Potter fanfic "In The Background" is coming very soon. Yes, yes, I know it says summer in the title. I'm here to announce the official release date.
Since the threat of a Death Eater attack is very low (thank a certain boy wizard for that), I've decided to tell you all when the story's coming out.
The story is set to start on…drumroll please…*drum rolls across stage*…July 31, 2012. You Potterheads out there probably already guessed it.
As I mentioned in an interview with pink-bookworm, I'm aiming to cover 90% of the Harry Potter series in the story.

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posted by pink-bookworm
Alright so me and dragons memory came up with this idea that I'd interview her about some things mainly to get the popularity of In The Background up and also for you guys to find out some interesting things well here nt is.

A bit about the main character Hailey

Dragonsmemory: You probably want to hear a bit madami about Hailey. She's Harry's twin. They really don't know who was born first, though. She looks like Lily, but has James' eyes. She also has a very strange talent. She knows exactly what to say to Harry to help him. It comes in handy during one of his famous rants. The story itself is...
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((Just so you all know, this is only a small part of the whole chapter. I'm particularly proud of this bit, as you'll soon see. Keep watch for an exclusive interview between The Fanfic's own Rita Skeeter and yours truly!))

Harry looked down at the long listahan of Quidditch hopefuls. "Hailey, I don't see your name on here. I thought you'd sign up."
Hailey looked up from her eggs, smiling. "I'd rather leave Quidditch and rule-breaking to you. That IS what you're best at, after all," she sinabi simply.
Harry only rolled his eyes. She could tell he hoped she had some of Dad's Quidditch talent, but she wasn't eager to prove it. After all, her family had enough publicity as it was.

((Now, this is only a teeny bit of the chapter. The real thing'll be a lot longer. But you'll have to wait quite a while for it.))
posted by DMLIME
January is not the prime of weather in England. Especially not London. Although the sun shines in every corner the cold wind flows and weaves it's way through the streets like a predator, searching for madami human victims to consume with it's cold touch. People try to protect themselves from the winter beast sa pamamagitan ng wearing furry, thick coats, but to no avail. They still shiver and shake, hurrying to their destination quickly so as not to lose feeling in their hands.
The coffee tindahan on Bethnal Green road offers a kind of retreat for those who relish the heat. The bagels being baked out back and...
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posted by malandcar
Prelude- summer nighttime
An eleven taon old girl is running from a monster. Up ahead is a farmhouse. Little does she know that the farmhouse is Camp Half-Blood. The monster is catching up to her and is soon right behind her. She stops. Bad mistake. The monster claws her legs. She tries to runs. The monster lunges again, tis time clawing her back and neck. I MUST at least get to those woods, she thought. So she bolted to the woods.
Somehow she loses the monster in the woods. It howls in rage and leaves.
"I'm safe," she murmers and passes out.
So like?
posted by JosephineSilver
Disclaimer: Character rights to Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

Maddy's POV

The word echoed around my head.
I could hear the heavy footfalls of a male lobo behind me - and no ordinary wolf.
A werewolf.
Bryn was right, and you were stupid.
I knew I should never have left the pack, the Wayfarer, but after Bryn killed Lucas, I just couldn't stand to be there any more. Couldn't stand to have her as my Alpha.
Objectively, I knew it was Lucas's fault. He challenged Bryn - and a challenge to the Alpha must always be met in a fight to the death.
And now you are alone, Madison, alone as always.
I tried to ignore my...
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posted by sparkles3
i only own the characters i made. if you've never read Avalon, Web of Magic books, this will make no sense.
"Tobi should be fine" the vet, Dr. Fletcher, said. she handed me my bunny, Tobi. "thanks." i sinabi as i walked out the door. i went back to my little house, plopped on my bed, and started to read Wicked, the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. it was my paborito book. a dog barked from outside my window. a girl with curly red hair was struggling to keep a hold on at least five dogs. i opened the window. "hey!" i called. she...
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posted by GreekRULES515
The vocab is advanced I know. It was a homework thing I wanted to share it to you guys. Hope you like it

The Society
    In The Society, people were always grim; for the people never joked around and were always serious. The Society was a cruel place for humans, nothing ever happened in the land controlled sa pamamagitan ng the government. The Society was a prominent place, for no one in the world dominated like them. Citizens despised The Society, yet they did not frustrate the government from taking over. They indeed did the opposite sa pamamagitan ng helping them build their power, of course they...
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posted by disneyworld007
Swing, Batter, Batter, Swing!
Putting my weight on my right foot, the foot closest to the catcher. Leaning back re-gripping my bat. I watched as that black haired pitcher powered up her pitch, rocking back and forth on her heals, taking in her glab now to her side and starting the wind-up. 'This is it,' I thought to myself, now taking the best grip on my bat, 2 balls and 2 strikes have passed sa pamamagitan ng this plate and I am not letting this pitcher strike me out, or walk me! I got ready the ball was realeased, and I heard the 'ump' say "Ball Outside".
I stepped out of the batters box, and took a couple...
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posted by the-time-thief
This story is not true. I made this up completely. It does have a reference to God. It does have a little action in it. It's mainly a sad/happy type of story
Rated: anyone can read it. There is no langue.
Comments are wanted. If it's mean just put that you dont like it. Um corrections on spelling, grammar are also wanted, just put in the nices way possible.

Also characters are: Felicity-main character

 Sometimes it not about how you act or about what you do and can't do. It's about what God wants you to do. Even to TRY, hard.   I can't tell you how...
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posted by Asmadasahater
Title: Stop and Stare-Songfic
Disclaimer: Rick Riordan owns all the rights to bayani of Olympus.
OneRepublic: own the song and the lyrics.

A/N: This is a songfic based on bayani of Olympus. Its about Hazels time in the Underworld.
Its my first songfic and they are hard to write. Please be nice and comment.

This town is colder now
I think its sick of us
I’m sick it
Its time to make our move
I have been think that along time
I’m shaking off the rust
I’ve got my puso set on anywhere but here
Mine is with Sammy
I’m staring down myself, counting up the years
I have done that for along...
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posted by Mayla4president
Okay, my name is Jade...or May. May is easy to remember but I perfer Jade. I'm not really a popular person on here but I still get on regularly whether you know that or not. So, here are my predictions for the prophecies:

1Seven Half Bloods Shall Answer The Call, 2To Storm Or apoy The World Must Fall. 3An Oath To Keep With A Final Breath, 4And Foes madala Arms To The Doors Of Death.

Okay, so this, to me, can have many meanings.

Line 1: So obviously it is seven demi-gods coming to help. No brainer there.

Line 2: Okay this could have many meanings. Storm or Fire, could be Percy, Jason, Thalia,...
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added by paulion98