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Q1. Do you prefer the Nawawala hero or son of Neptune? the Nawawala hero means your greek. And the son of Neptune means your roman
Q2. Pick a holiday, what buwan does it take place?
January- Zues/Jupiter
February - Posiden/ Neptune
March- Hades/Pluto
April- Athena/ Minerva
May- Ares/Mars
June- Apollo/Apollon/Phoebus
July- Aphrodite/Venus
August - Hepheastus/ Vulcan
September - Hecate/ trivia
October -Demeter/Ceres
December -hermes/ mercury
Q3. What color are your pants and that's the age you arrived at camp.
Red -12
Q4. First Monster...
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Okay, so I've decided to do a review for each of the five books, starting with of course, The Nawawala Hero. These are my opinions so please respect them, thank you:)

Character/Narrator Review

Jason: I didn't quite like him, but I didn't hate him either. I guess I'm madami neutral to him than anything? When I rank the seven from best to worst, he'd probably be number 6, but before I read The Mark of Athena he would be number 7.

Anyway, onto reviewing his actual character. I don't know, I kind of found him to be the most boring character in this book, and I wasn't quite as hyped pagbaba Jason...
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While being here has been a blast, It has been two years since our books have come to a close. We have left our posts and gone on to have a new adventure with different fandom, school, sports, or even getting an actual life (which I don't have, I envy you). We will always remember this place and how it was always updated 24-7, booming with new people to scream at because we couldn't wait for the susunod book release. There was literally someone ALWAYS on the pagtitip. chat at all hours of the day. We have been through good times, and bad times. We have been with each other through it all, and for...
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Disclaimer - If I owned Percy Jackson then it would be notably less awesome, but Clarisse would have been one of the seven, so I guess that's a plus?




"Once you fall for someone's personality, everything about them becomes beautiful." - Unknown



He always knew she was. If Clarisse wasn't powerful then she couldn't be the daughter of war. But he never understood just how powerful she truly was until the battle in Manhattan, when Silena was killed and Clarisse should have crumbled beneath the weight of her grief.

But she didn't crumble. Instead she channeled her grief...
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