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 oh gods.......
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Disclaimer - If I owned Percy Jackson then it would be notably less awesome, but Clarisse would have been one of the seven, so I guess that's a plus?




"Once you fall for someone's personality, everything about them becomes beautiful." - Unknown



He always knew she was. If Clarisse wasn't powerful then she couldn't be the daughter of war. But he never understood just how powerful she truly was until the battle in Manhattan, when Silena was killed and Clarisse should have crumbled beneath the weight of her grief.

But she didn't crumble. Instead she channeled her grief...
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Leo Valdez stepped up to the camp that he had been gone from for apparently only a few months. After he left Ogygia, with Calypso, he learned that it was still the same taon as he had died in, but a few months later. Had he of stayed alive, he would be sixteen, but he didn't really care.

Leo turned to Calypso, who was trailing behind him and announced"We're here, this is- "

"Camp Half Blood." Calypso finished for him.

Leo nodded, unsurprised she knew that. She had fallen for many young men who went to this camp.

Leo continued " This is the closest thing I ever had to tahanan after my mother died."...
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This is sa pamamagitan ng far my paborito tagahanga made video in the univercy. it is amazing
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Go Percabeth!!!
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