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I saw this, and I almost cried. And screamed. I'd probably do both.
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posted by PixyStar436

I'm PixyStar436, and I KNOW that Mark of Athena already came out.

But I would like to just make my own version. Just madala it with me!!

Please no mean comments and all this stuff belongs to Rick Riordan.

Annabeth II (because I've seen the first chapter)

Okay, so that went well enough.

Annabeth wasn't sure if gods in Rome were all like this, or...

Whatever. She was only here for Percy.

Annabeth pushed into the crowd, looking for the stupid teenager she was dating. She could hear murmurs of the Romans, and as far as she could tell some of them were really shallow, though.

"Is that the girl Percy...
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posted by extremereader
I think I'm going crazy. I see the weirdest things, and no one else seems to notice them. That or their really good actors. I've seen a cheerleader with one bronze leg, and one donkey leg chasing a guy with an kahel t sando while shouting things that sound suspiciously like something my social studies teacher might say.

Or another time, i was sitting on a tabing-dagat chair at the tabing-dagat close to where I live, and this guy in shirts and a hawaiian sando just walks out of the ocean. Totally dry and normal looking. And then he winked at me. Either the worlds greatest magic trick, or something was seriously...
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posted by Lightning98
Hi my name is Grover Underwood and um... some say that you want to know madami about me so here are acouple of thing you should know...
I am 37 in human years but 17 in goat years
I am a sytar
My full name is Grover Alexander Underwood
My best mga kaibigan are Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chasse
My girlfriends name is Jupinier
My paborito foods and enchilatas and soda cans
My paborito color is green because it reminds me of the earth before nasty humans trashed it
My paborito pkace is either Camp Half-Blood or Lake Placid... their are some hot naids their but dont tell Jupiner that... she would kill me
I DO...
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posted by Amphitrite
A striking form cut against the blazing sun, tall and statuesque. A strong chiseled bista sa tagiliran both handsome and masculine. His skin is a warm, dark confection of red tinged toasted bronze. His eyes, the shape of almonds, are as dark and wonderous as pure trappistine chocolate, and long straight black hair billows in the hot summer wind.

We've all wondered at least once about Piper's dad. He was mentioned in the chapters and he was mentioned in one of the descriptions. What does that mean? To me, it means that this man must play a big part in the story. So we've got to go over what we know, first....
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Alright, where the Hades is Percy? Anybody got any ideas? Oh, I do....I forgot. Alright, without further ado, artikulo number 12 in the H of O artikulo series.

First lets start with places that he isn't in.

Camp Half-Blood. Well duh! Why would they be looking for him if he was already there? I don't see Mr D. locking him in the attic at the Big House...maybe turning him into a shrub, but not hiding him away...he might get madami years added to his sentance for that.

Olympus. Nope. He would've already been found. I can safely assume that were he in Olympus the Gods would've sensed him and sent him...
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