The Host HELP!!! create a soundtrack for the best movie/book ever

bookchicky posted on Dec 27, 2009 at 10:04PM
Ive heard a few songs lately that I can see in The Host but as far as a soundtrack goes i dont know, HELP!!!
There is so much Muse that works
Starlight, Time is running out fit- Mels fight so well,
Uprising and Resistance fit well with the Human side to the story.
Other songs i think One or with or without you(U2)- For the drive in the dessert with Mels memoies,
Feels like Tonight(Daughtry) or I'd come for you(Nickleback) -For when Jared finally belives Wanda/Mel.
And Dont cry(G'n'R)- For the goodbye with Ian
What do you think add your list and HELP!! build a soundtrack
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