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10 Points for each correct answer—perfect score is 100.

Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1) Which O’Shea brother is older?

2) Jeb might have killed Wanda/Melanie when he first found them. Why did he say he kept them alive?

3) Wanda compared kissing Ian to the flow of molten rock far beneath the surface of the earth. To what did she compare Jared and Melanie’s kisses?

4) When Wanda awakens in Pet’s body, how does she describe Ian’s face?

5) What was Wanda’s last thought before she decided to save Kyle from falling into the boiling stream?

6) At the end of the book, who was preparing to move into the bedroom that had been Walter’s?

7) On the day Melanie met Jared, what did she do to him the first time he kissed her?

8) What is Doc’s real name?

9) How old is Jamie when he is first mentioned in the book?

10) Where in the book is it first stated that all souls know how to safely separate a soul from its host?


1) Kyle

It was a different speaker, a more reasonable voice. Probably the younger brother, Ian. (p. 144)

2) Curiosity

“Why are you doing this, Jeb? a man asked. . . . . . . “Curiosity,” Jeb said in a low voice. (p. 126)

3) A wildfire

When Melanie’s body touched Jared’s body, it was like a wildfire—a fast burn that raced across the surface of the desert and consumed everything in its path. (p. 574)

4) Sapphire, snow and midnight

My searching eyes found the blue I’d been looking for. Sapphire, snow, and midnight. (p. 602)

5) Kyle’s resemblance to his brother

With him unconscious, Kyle’s face was no longer that of an angry animal. It was relaxed, almost peaceful. The resemblance to his brother was very apparent. (p. 336)

6) Kyle and Sunny.

Kyle was working on widening the small crevice that had been Walter’s sleeping space so that it would be ready when the desert was dry again. It really wasn’t big enough for more than one, and Kyle would not be staying there alone. (p. 611)

7) She kneed him in the groin.

His hands grab my face from both sides, and before I can pull free, his lips come down hard on mine . . . . . I jerk my knee up in a sharp thrust. (p. 34)

8) Eustace

“Tell me something, Doc. What’s your real name?” I wanted to answer all the little puzzles before the end. Doc sniffed and wiped the back of his hand under his eyes. “Eustace. It’s a family name, and my parents were cruel people.” (p. 593)

9) Nine

My brother, he’s just nine, and he’s so frightened when I’m away…” (p. 37)

10) Page 1 of the story (numbered page 3)

An insertion is hardly an interesting or challenging procedure. Any soul on the street could perform it in an emergency. (p. 1 [3])

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