The Host My Story For The Soul!

lamy221 posted on Dec 23, 2010 at 12:01AM
ok people, remeber im doing my best! dont yell at me! hhhhhmmmmmmm, ok random people may come on sooooooo... dont freak... ok well here it is! the soul!

The Host 4 ang sumagot

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ok people, so they are just after burns living flowers, or burns says, -the strangest- to wanda

chapter 1.

we laughed.
i heard araon and brandt shifting foot to foot. melenie and jared muttered somthing. And ian came to my side and grabbed my arm.
the other people from nate's cell of humans muttered nevously. Nate and the boy they called evan came over and stood on each side of burns.
apparently melanie and jared didn't like this. melanie came to my other side and gripped my hand, and jared put his hand right above it.
jared rasied his eyebrows at nate, who just shrugged.
they frowned at each other untill i couldn't take it anymore.
ian wrapped his arms around me and nate and jared turned to me.
i didn't know what to say so i said, -Dont you think that we should bring 'em to jeb?-
jeb was melanie's crazy old uncle. he was the first one to befriend me.
jared simple nodded his head.
then someone said, -whoa wait, who? i 'aint goen no were with them.-
nate sighed, -for the last time rachel, you will do as i say 'cuz im in charge!-
the girl named rachel, who couldn't be more than sixteen snorted.
then a boy who looked about 17 said,-nate? i agree with her.. we dont even know 'em.-
nate sighed and handed jared his gun and said, -shoot me if your going to hurt one of my people.-
jared looked shoked and dropped the gun.
nate smirked and said, -ok then, lets go!-

ok people dont freak about the gun thing..... just saying.

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas lamy221 said…
chapter 2.

it was hard, but we managed to get every one into the jeep. we drove back to the caves, and every one jumped out with sighs of relif.
nate looked around, -this is when you live?-
jared rolled his eyes and said, -in the caves, follow me.-
jared led the way in through the caves, with melanie, ian, and me following. The rest of nate's cell people followed, and araon and brandt took the rear.
I heard the people whispering, not at all happy to be in the dark.
then we started to see the light of the main cave.
head turned as all of us walked in.
-WANDA! MELIANE! JARED! your back!-
i smiled down at the boy who came charging at us.
he wraped his arms around melaines waist and hugged her, then he turned to me and gave me a bear hug.
jeb walked up to us, stroking his beard. his eyes strayed to the people who walked in.
nate walked up and offered his hand, -im nate, and once agin, this is rob, even, blake, tom, kim, and rachel.-
jeb shook is hand, -im jeb, this is jamie, wanda, jared, meliane, lily, ian, kyle, umm.. sunny, doc, lacey, andy, sharon, maggie, .....- jeb kept on saying the names of every one in the cave, whitch was almost every one, he even said some names over again.
every one said a muffled hello and stared at the visters.
jeb shook his head -lot of more people out there, eh? we 'ought to meet 'em-
-oh, can i go, too, uncle jeb?!?-
-no- me, jared, and melanie said all at once.
jeb stroked his beard again, -why, sure kid-
-yes! thanks uncle jab!-
we all frowned a him.
he smiled at us.
-well, wanda should stay.- ian, of corse.
i snorted, -why?-
jeb looked uncofterble, -well kid, maybe you should st-
-no.. i think she should go.- melanie said, and jared nodded.
jeb shruged, -ok then-
ian frowned at the old man, but jeb ignored him. instead his look at nate and said, -lets go.-
ok, ok, ill get to the point sooner or later.....
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas pwooden said…
I like it. The characters act as do in the book and it moves the story forward. I have two suggestions for you: Since most people reading this are familiar with the characters, such as Jeb, it isn't necessary to describe him. And to keep down criticism and help people concentrate on the story, please have your spelling and grammar checked. Keep up the good work!
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas lcrs50 said…
Hey, post soon!!