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posted by stellamusa101
Eddie : Okay..
Patricia : Maybe it is just an ordinary dream.
Eddie : Wait.. we hate each other!
Patricia : You.. get out slime ball!
Eddie : No, you get out!
KT : *walks to Eddie* Hey, Eddie.
Patricia : KT, get out.
Eddie : No! Pat, you get out.
Patricia : Excuse me?
KT : You heard him. Go.
Patricia : *takes a jug of kahel juice and pours it on KT's head* There.
Willow : *sits susunod to KT* Huh!
Patricia : She deserves it. *walks away*
Fabian : *sits* Hey.
Joy : *sits* Hey, Fabes.
Fabian : Hi. Do you-- *Joy kisses him*
Nina : Fabian! What are you-- *runs away*

Fabian : You still like Patricia, do you?
Eddie : Me, no! Silly you.
Fabian : You are. You care. You do.
Eddie : You're not the pag-ibig expert. No "Jabian" or "Fabina". You flirt, don't you?
Fabian : No! I just--
Victor : It's ten 'o' clock. I shall want to hear a pin - drop. *drops a pin*
Eddie : Goodnight. *sleeps*
Fabian : Bye. *sleeps*

Joy : I'm dreaming.
Fabian : Me too.
Joy : You're in my dream too!
Nina : *appears* In a dream, there's one bad guy.
Fabian : So?
Nina : *bites Fabian and Joy's shoulder, then disappears*
Joy : It's just a dream.
Fabian : Just a simple dream.

Voice : *only Nina can hear* Job well done, Nina.
Nina : *thinking* Thank you.
Amber : uy Nina. *sits*
Patricia : *sits*
Eddie : *sits*
Patricia : Sit some place else, slime ball! *sticks out her tongue*
Eddie : You get out! *sticks out his tongue*
KT : *sits* Hey.
Willow : *sits* Hello, guys.
Voice : *only KT can hear* Hello.

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posted by TaylorCrafter
(Theme song is little me sa pamamagitan ng Little mix)
Everyone: *silent*
Alfie: Why are we all so silent
Patricia: *Points to Victor on the phone*
Alfie: Oh I didn't know abo-
Victor: Quiet down!!
Everyone: *eating quietly*
Amber: *whispering to Nina* So have you heard about the girl that went missing?
Nina: Yeah, in the newspaper right?
Amber: *nod*
*At class*
Nina: Don't you think it's a bit strange that she went missing with her mom and right susunod to the Anubis house?
Fabian: Yeah, you don't think that it might be another mystery right
Amber: If it is sibuna is totally back!
Nina: But we need to find more...
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posted by habbofirstfan
joy- uy nina im sorry ive been pagganap latley i was just..........Jealous
nine-Jealous of what?
joy- well you beening with fabian
joy-anyways,lets talk about mysteries like why is King tut so angry and i dont know wierd about the cup of ankh?
nina- Hes after me and senkarah but hes dead alfie once pretend to be him!
joy-*put wierd face on*
* Meanwhile.*
Fabian- uy amber have you seen nine?......amber amber
Amber-*laughs evilly*
amber-*Turn into senkarah*
fabian- AHH NOO *get captured sa pamamagitan ng senkarah*
Senkarah disappeares*
Amber enters
amber- why are my dresses all over the floor!!!! thease are brand new!!!!!!
nina enters
nine-Hey amber what wrong
amber-My clothes are all over the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nine-looks at kahel flowerd dress
nina-stares into dress and sees senkarahs sigh
to be countined....................
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Just something I found on You Tube. I had to post it. 8D
i found this video but getting longer this season is getting creppy. check out! if u want to know
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Source: Found this on the nick website!